Free Writing Advice!

Kerri Majors, Jim Ottaviani, S. Whitaker

It’s summertime, and you know what that means! You have more time to write than you ever dreamed of. But maybe you’re still a little rusty from only writing essays all year, or you can’t quite get past that writer’s block. In that case, check out this advice from real live authors right here on Figment!

Want to refine your non-fiction skills? Take Jim Ottaviani’s advice and learn to make your fact-filled stories even more fun to read!

Feeling stuck on your current project? Kerri Majors has some tips on how to make the writing world work for you.

Ready to publish your writing? Figment user and published author S. Whitaker has some words of wisdom!

Once you’re feeling all wise and inspired, show off your new skills and share your writing on Figment!

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