Flameo! The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Fan-Fiction

Are you dying to find out what happens next in Legend of Korra? So are we. While we’re waiting for information (seriously, ANY information) about when season 2 will air, we’re reading all our favorite Figment fan-fiction set in the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe.

Check out these amazing fics, and let us know which stories we missed! If you have suggestions for future fan-fiction roundups, let us know in the comments.

Steamiest Makorra Story

Mako and Korra: Fire and Fire by Brooke Waters

“You let me kiss you!” I said impatiently.

“I know,” he said. “And I shouldn’t have.” He pushed a hand nervously through his spiky black hair. “We can’t do this to ourselves, Korra.”

“Why not?” I crossed my arms over my chest, indignant. “Admit it! You have feelings for me!”

“Because,” he said, “fire and fire only end up destroying each other.”

Most Epic Avatar Continuation

Air by Amanda K. Thompson

And yet…somewhere there is unrest. Aang feels something teetering on a brink, unbalanced; what, he can’t yet tell. But he’ll mend it; I know he will.

After all, Aang is the Avatar. It’s his job to save the world.

Best Use of Cactus Juice

Still on Cactus Juice by Hannah the platypus (!!!)

Katara cocked her head.

Toph stiffled a laugh.

Zuko rolled his eyes.

“He did it again, didn’t he?” Suki asked.

Craziest Plot Twist

Not the Last Airbender by Hosanna Hope Boesche

Would he believe her? An Airbending demonstration would sort out her nationality but would he accept her as his sister, his twin?

It was time to find out.

Coolest Bending Fight

Just a Spar by Blueskies

Aang kicked Zuko’s legs out from under him with his remaining leg and pushed the cocky Fire Master over onto his back. He then dropped his ice sword down to Zuko’s neck, but stopped it right before it made the final blow.

“Give up?”

Most Tahno-y Goodness

The Sound of His Name by Zoe Schiff

Tahno was never one for joining the drunkards. He would sip at his rice wine, pacing himself in the elegant manner his family had ingrained into him. He would watch the proceedings with a sort of amusement, and would annually remember the fools everyone made of themselves. He enjoyed the attention and the praise they showered upon him–

“Wow, you’re incredible, Tahno!”


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  1. This is great!! A wonderful choice 😉 Maybe Narnia Fanfiction next?? There hasn’t been a movie in a while and I’m sure there’s some out there 🙂

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