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After her mother dies, Katie Greene is sent to live with her aunt, halfway around the world in a small city in Japan. Katie doesn’t know the language, she can barely use chopsticks, and she’s still wrecked with grief over the loss of her mom. She feels terribly alone.

Katie never expects to find a companion in Tomohiro, the star of the school’s kendo team. But she is intrigued by him — and a little scared. What’s the deal with his mysterious scar?  And did she just see his drawings come to life?

Ink by Amanda Sun, is the story of Katie and Tomo and their incredible, magical connection. Inspired by the rich Japanese history that Amanda weaves into their story, we’ve got a fun contest for you!


Write a haiku about loneliness. Entries must follow the traditional format: a three-lined poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Tag your entry InkHaiku.

For example:

In the twilight rain
these brilliant-hued hibiscus –
A lovely sunset

— Matsuo Basho


Ten winners will receive copies of Ink by Amanda Sun.

How to Enter

1. Read the full rules.
2. Create an account on
3. Start a new writing of 25 words or fewer.
4. Tag your writing with InkHaiku on the “Details” tab.
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

The entry period is open until 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, July 15. Voting will run until 5:00 p.m. ET on Monday, July 22. Figment editors will chose the winners from the top 20 most-hearted entries.

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41 thoughts on “Ink Haiku Contest

  1. Once we upload our piece, are we allowed to change it if we later decide we aren’t happy with it? Thanks! (:

  2. Can we use Romaji (japanese words in english characters) for our poem and leave an english translation? Or would that not be allowed?

  3. What is your stance on contrations? Are they allowed not allowed and if you use one should it be counted as one syllable or two? Because I saw some people use contrations so I was just wondering.

  4. Hello!
    Just wondering, would the word “everybody” count as four or five syllables?
    You could say “e-ver-y-bod-y” or but in conversation, it’s often “ev-ry-body.”

    Is there an official ruling?
    Thanks in advance!


    • The entry period closes on Monday, 7/15 and then voting runs until Monday, 7/22. Once voting is completed, Figment editors need time to judge. Once judging is completed, we’ll make the winners announcement.

  5. Okay, no offense, but a haiku doesn’t HAVE to follow 5/7/5 format: I think that was invented in schools or something… I just wanted to put that out there.

  6. Are people allowed to advertise their poem? as in ask people to read their poem? I wasnt sure, because some contests dont allow that. thanks!

  7. Am I allowed to change/edit the description for my haiku at this time without changing the actual piece, or will it end up looking as if I edited the haiku? Thank you.

  8. Hi! I know the contest deadline is over, but I had a haiku that I wrote on figment a while ago and it fit the inkhaiku contest so i just added the tag. It wasn’t posted anywhere else except on figment. And I think in the rules it says that we are not allowed to use previously published work… Does having a haiku previously posted on figment, before the contest started, mean disqualification? I’m sorry but I was a little unsure after reading the rules because it just says previously published. Thanks!

    • The haiku needed to be written for the contest during the contest entry period, so, unfortunately, your entry won’t count.

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