You’re a Quizard, Harry: Weekend Quiz Round-Up

You’re stuffed from the 4th of July barbeque, slightly sunburned, and covered in mosquito bites. Time to take a break from the great outdoors and spend some quality time with your computer. Here are a few soul-searching quizzes to help you during your recovery.

Are You Misunderstood?

Why does nobody get you?

What’s Your Fatal Flaw?

Jealous? Obsessed? Just kind of mean. What character flaw will be your downfall?

How Competitive Are You?

Are you a gracious winner or a bad loser?

Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?

What’s the square root of 1,654,803


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4 thoughts on “You’re a Quizard, Harry: Weekend Quiz Round-Up

  1. Love the “You’re a quizard Harry” line. Who ever came up with if should get a gold star sticker! Because who doesn’t love stickers?

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