13 Reasons Why The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Will Be Awesome

We’re PSYCHED for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. We’ve had love for TMI for awhile, but we’re now finally able to express that love in the best way possible: GIFS. So, here are 13 reasons why we’re completely confident that the movie is gonna be great!

1. Neck tattoos that aren’t totally off-putting

Alec rocks the neck tat. You know it. We know it. He knows it.

Source: w-arlock.tumblr.com 

2. Clary and Jace were perfectly cast


Source: genuhsiis.tumblr.com 

3. Beautiful New York City setting

The greatest city in the world seems like an excellent setting for what is sure to be an excellent movie.

Source: w-arlock.tumblr.com 

4. SERIOUS romance

We’re just gonna leave that right here.


5. Simon is literally the best

Everyone’s gonna walk out of the theater wishing Simon was their best friend.


6. The actors *might* love the books as much as you do

Or at least respect how much you love them

Source: downworldersdaily.tumblr.com 

7. Jaime Campbell Bower has some serious smolder capabilities

Heart. Melting.

Source: poopingwtrmln.tumblr.com 

8. Author Cassandra Clare approves

Source: warriorsoftheangel.tumblr.com

9. And even makes a cameo appearance!

We love when authors get to do that.

Source: warriorsoftheangel.tumblr.com

10. Lady Sass

Clary doesn’t take crap from nobody.

Source: kanon-supun.tumblr.com 

11. Man Sass

Jace: Magnus Bane. We need to talk

Magnus: What? You’re breaking up with me? We just met!

Source: shadowhunterview.tumblr.com 

12. Jemima West is FIERCE

Source: clarissafrray.tumblr.com

13. Lack of Heteronormativity

We ship Malec.

Source: clarylightw0od 

43 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Will Be Awesome

  1. I’m SOO excited!

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie since I first found out about it! Now I hear that AFI has a song in the film!! It’s SOO exciting!!!!!! 😀

    Can you tell that I’m excited? XD

  2. AH I’m not even that big of a Mortal Instruments fan and I’m REALLY excited for this movie… I watched a couple of the trailers and they looked great!

  3. I have been excited for this movie for the longest time and now it’s so close!! I can almost see all the people dressed up as Shadowhunters at the midnight premiere!!

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that a movie was being made about TMI till now. Cool. And I’m not even really a big fan but it does sound kinda good. Except for a FEW things in it that I’m a bit uncomfortable with. <:/

  5. I am going to watch this movie a million times on DVD and pause it every time I think Jaime Campbell Bower looks too hot for words. Sigh.

  6. Okay…Ridiculously excited. Like, I might need to get my heart ripped out Indiana Jones Style, but they REALLY could have done better casting for Alec. He seriously looks like creepy rapist/murderer. Neck tattoos may not be totally off-putting, but the squarest, most angry-looking jaw and tiny flared nostrils are.

  7. I am excited for this movie but I will admit that I would prefer to have Alex Pettyfer as Jace because he has that perfect arrogant charm.
    Go ahead Google him I’ll wait

    Now you see what I mean?!

  8. My best friend got me into the series and I am SOOOOO EXCITED TO WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!:D

    It’s going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ahhhh!!!!! I can not wait. This is probably my favourite series ever. I actually became better friends with someone because I was rereading City of Ashes for the fifth time and he started talking about the movie with me. Epic movie. I personally don’t like JCB as Jace but he’ll do a pretty good job. Now Simon… absolutely perfect.

  10. Okay, hate me for saying this but, Jace was not perfectly cast. I pictured him being more… weathered, experienced look. I just think that while the actor is good at smoldering, he should look less young. I mean he’s been through a lot.

  11. I am so psyched for this movie! Although I was pretty disappointed at the cast at first, I watched the trailers and am now satisfied that the movie will portray the book very well. I’m so excited!!!!!! *Fangirling*

  12. Three Reasons NOT to Read/Watch TMI (Out of Many)

    1: When you search Cassandra Clare’s name, the second suggested result is about plagiarism.

    2: Out of the 16,600 results, these links http://www.journalfen.net/community/bad_penny/8985.html and http://alli6.tumblr.com/post/47193982199/cassandra-clare-and-things-you-probably-dont-know-but are probably the best to enlighten you on her writing.

    3: You could probably write a better Harry Potter/Supernatural fanfiction without stealing Draco/Jaces lines from popular TV shows.

  13. My sisters and I are going this afternoon and we are so excited!!! You did leave out the fact that Hodge Starkweather is being played by Moriarty, aka the original Dumbeldore’s son, Jared Harris. Which is the Best. Casting. Ever.

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