Links You’ll Like: July 12, 2013

The Hobbit PosterBad news: Bilbo Baggins, AKA Martin Freeman, just filmed his last scene in The Hobbit trilogy. Good news: That means we’re getting that much closer to the release day of the second film in the series!

You know your BFF better than you know yourself. And Buzzfeed’s there to confirm it with their list of the 22 signs you found your best friend forever:

Check it out! The the Kiss contest’s winning story, by Alexis Rappaport, is featured on James Patterson’s YA website!

Did you watch Sharknado last night? Check out the five GIFs that sum up that force of nature.

Are you psyched to see robots battle monsters in Pacific Rim this weekend? Here’s a brief history of the best robots on film, from Star Wars to Transformers.

Wanna be a writer, but not sure you want to study writing in college? Here’s a list famous novelists who studied something other writing in college (or post-grad for that matter).

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