Figment’s Fandom Showdown: Round Two

Figment Fandom Showdown

Well, folks. Half of your beloved fandoms have been voted out of the running.Β Merlin andΒ Star Trek didn’t make the cut, but 16 fan favorites are left to battle it out to become the one fandom to rule them all!

Scroll through the round two match-ups below, and vote for your favorites! We know, this one’s a tough round, but no one said this was going to be easy!

Harry Potter vs. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Harry Potter vs Buffy the Vampire SlayerHarry, Hermione, and Ron or Buffy, Willow, and Xander? We don’t envy your choice on this one!

The Hunger Games vs. Doctor Who

The Hunger Games vs Doctor WhoBoth of these fandoms are fierce: No one survives that much loss without scars on their heart(s)!

Maximum Ride vs. The Mortal Instruments

Maximum Ride vs TMIA battle between the Flock and Shadowhunters is definitely not something we’d want to find ourselves in the middle of.

Sherlock vs. Supernatural

Sherlock vs SupernaturalSherlock may be the first consulting detective, but the Hunters are pretty good at what they do, too.

Lord of the Rings vs. Adventure Time

LOTR vs Adventure TimeCould Finn and Jake return the one ring to Mordor? Would Frodo and Sam survive the Land of Ooo?

The Avengers vs. Percy Jackson

Avengers vs Percy JacksonWe’re just waiting for Loki to make an appearance in the Percy Jackson series. It MUST happen.

Star Wars vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Star Wars vs Avatar: The Last AirbenderWould you rather be a Bender or a Jedi? IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE.

Firefly vs. The Walking Dead

Firefly vs The Walking DeadThese shows display survival at its finest. But who does it better?

Which fandom is your favorite? Vote now! Click anywhere on the bracket to start voting. You can vote on Round Two until Wednesday, July 17 at 11:59 a.m. ET. And check back onΒ later in the afternoonΒ to see who moved on to Round Three! (You can only vote for each round once.)

Did you miss Round One? Check it out here!

127 thoughts on “Figment’s Fandom Showdown: Round Two

    • That match up just plain hurts me! Maximum Ride is my all time favorite series but I love the City of Bones too… Why did they have to put those two together? πŸ™

      • Oh great! And then Maximum Ride just LOOSES! I’ve never read Mortal Instruments, but by looks I thought it was ok. BUT STILL. Why did it lose so SOON? I’m like, really sad. I think MR would’ve won against anything except Hunger Games and Harry Potter. I’m just really hurt now that MR is out.

        • Yes! MR could kick everyone’s asses! Well, not EVERYONE, but MR could have TOTALLY kicked ASS at MR vs. MI. *spits in disgust*

  1. This is getting scary intense. Someone please tell me I’m not the only one hunched over my computer, glaring fiercely at the screen like I’m going to spontaneously develop laser vision and sear away my favorites’ competition.

  2. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Mortal Intruments, Sherlock (this was difficult to choose between, but I love Sherlock more lately), Lord of the Rings, (I can’t choose between Percy and Avengers, though Avengers had a better movie I adore Logan Lerman and the books are life), Star Wars, and The Walking Dead (even though I love Nathan, I’ve never seen Firefly)! ❀

  3. why would you make me choose between Buffy and Harry??? I guess I’ll go with Buffy. There’s significant lack of female representation in this bracket.

  4. MERLIN IS GONE WHYYYYYYYY!! *sobs in corner*

    I guess I’ll be rooting for Sherlock now. If Sherlock loses then aowhgwoghawoha I don’t know what I’ll do T^T

  5. I can’t believe merlin and once upon a time are out. Choosing between Maximum ride and Mortal instruments was hard. So was choosing between Avengers and Percy Jackson. (I chose PJ because I like reading)

  6. Go Harry Potter (I’ve never seen Buffy, but seriously bronies and pegasisters? You couldn’t show your love for the awesomeness that is MLP:FIM?), Doctor Who (I kinda like Hunger Games for the literary value and a bit of the story, but I feel to much hatred for a government willing to make it a law for TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH! That is wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to properly begin in order to make my disgust for such a thing properly vented and expressed other than a scream and a twelve gauge shotgun shoved between the eyes of those who made such a thing legal and those who support and ENJOY such a MONSTROSITY! I mean, even ancient cultures like greece and rome with their gladiators even kept it to people over twenty (though usually in their thirties) whom were either slaves or CRIMINALS like MURDERERS!), Maximum Ride (the Flock beats Shadowhunters in my book, although I myself am a Shadowhunter, I think the Flock could kick the Shadowhunters and every other supernatural being from California to Japan when they aim east), ( don’t know enough about Supernatral to vote here), Lord Of the Rings (totally beats Adventure Time all the time), The Avengers (sorry, but Hulk’s already proven he is willing and able to beat up a god, Percy only did that once in the books I’ve read), Avatar the Last Airbender (I’m a waterbender, and the sith just creep me out; I mean, look at the sith lord’s SKIN, it looks like he’s the abandoned love-child of a vampire and a zombie), and Firefly (Reever’s are scarier than zombies, and the fight scene between River and the Reever’s in the movie Serenity is still AWESOME!)! You can win and get in to the next round!

    • Greece just had slaves, sweetie. They didn’t do the whole fight to the death kind of stuff. And while gladiators were primarily slaves (who didn’t really do anything wrong except get captured, which you can kind of equate with the random selection of tributes) some were Romans that REALLY wanted to pay off their debts, so they become gladiators to earn money to do that. Children weren’t gladiators because it wasn’t a good investment. You wanted strong fighters, not whimpy little mouths to feed. But if you were a big teenager they’d probably through you in and see how you fare, especially since you have more energy than the thirty year old you might be fighting against. It’s just business.

      Sorry to burst your bubble. πŸ˜›

      • The whole hunger games tirade sounds exactly like my mom… O.o Also, I’m pretty sure that it was Greece who had the slaves and Rome who had the gladiators, though it’s easy to get confused ’cause they were so much alike. :0

        • Both Greece and Rome had gladiators, and there were times when they made them fight to the death. Their were minor arenas in almost every major town in both where they would have these battles. I DO do my research before I make such comments. I don’t have much to say for myself other than how strange I am and my intellect, and I pride myself on both of the few things I have. I know that pride can be fatal, and I am always willing to admit when I am wrong, but due to several rather bad experiences in my past, I have some bad insecurities and issues with people questioning my judgement and intellect. Especially since people questioning and/or ignoring my intellect has resulted in some bad/worst-case sceneriofor the situation, with the exception of situations that I am new to. However, Greece and Rome are subjects that I have studied for about ten years now.

          • By the way, who in the name of Creativity gave you permission to call me “sweetie”? Besides, the thirty-year old has experience, strength, endurance (from experience), and desensitivity to killing and death, as they are more likely to have been in battle for far longer.

  7. I’m pleased that writing in Hannibal during the Facebook poll actually got it into the voting. XD Not surprised that it didn’t move on, but Fannibals are my favorite fandom ever.
    No hard choices in this for me, actually.

  8. Noooo! Merlin!!!! πŸ™ Well, let’s say I was thinking of Jethro from “Midnight” when I voted for Doctor Who!

  9. Definitely Supernatural over Sherlock. And Avatar vs Star Wars..I’m not old enough to love Star Wars but I was raised with Avatar the Airbender, I saw every episode as it came out, so definitely that.Thanks

  10. Harry Potter, NOPE (refuse to choose), Mortal Instruments, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, skjhgsdkjghdsjgfdasdjhfgdsjkghfdjkslgfsgjhg (Percy Jackson…if we’re talking about the books…but my god, this was hard), Avatar, Walking Dead.

  11. Not sure how to vote, but here are my thoughts:

    Harry Potter vs. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Buffy should win)
    The Hunger Games vs. Doctor Who (the hunger games should win)
    Maximum Ride vs. The Mortal Instruments (the mortal instruments should win)
    Sherlock vs. Supernatural (supernatural should win)
    Lord of the Rings vs. Adventure Time (lord of the rings should win)
    The Avengers vs. Percy Jackson (The avengers should win)
    Star Wars vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Star wars should win)
    Firefly vs. The Walking Dead (Firefly should win)

    Out of all of them, my top 2 favs are Buffy the vampire slayer and Supernatural! (GO SAM AND DEAN!)

  12. How is the hunger games loosing!!!!!! BTW CITY OF BONES FOR THE WIN ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. LAWL. Yeah, Star Wars vs. Avatar?

    I’d love to be a Jedi…

    Earthbender πŸ˜€

    I have no problem with anything with Star Wars but Jedi can’t get married and I couldn’t marry Momo. :’C

  15. WHY do The Hunger Games and Doctor Who have to face off? And LOTR and Adventure Time… And Percy Jackson and The Avengers… AND ALL THE OTHERS! I love them all the same!

  16. harry potter
    doctor who
    mortal instruments
    percy jackson
    star wars
    i don’t watch either walking dead or firefly, so i could care less.

    BUT Supernatural is my all time favorite, and I can’t believe you made me choose between it and Sherlock!! I love them both and you are splitting up Superwholock!!! πŸ™

    oh well. these are my votes. may the best Winchester win!

  17. Harry Potter and Doctor Who definitely. Hands down Doctor Who is my favorite. I really hope it wins. I’m kinda sad Merlin is gone, but I haven’t finished that series yet. Sherlock is WAAAY better than Supernatural, and Lord of the Rings is definatly more awesome than Adventure Time. Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, and Firefly. Star Wars beats Avatar any day. I would much rather be a Jedi.

  18. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Mortal Instruments, Sherlock (that was such a tough one, because I love Supernatural so much, but I obsess over Sherlock more xD), LORD OF THE RINGS PLEASE IT HAS TO WIN IT IS THE ONE FANDOM TO RULE THEM ALL, Percy Jackson, Star Wars (only just behind; please keep it up there! :u) and Firefly, which I haven’t watched in its entirety, but I mean it has Nathan. ‘Nuff said. :’D

  19. although i love the percy jacson BOOKS, the avengers MOVIE beats percy any day [even if the movie was as good as the book]

  20. Why don’t they give us the easy decisions first so that later we won’t have something horrible but in the right place?

  21. Can’t believe I missed out on the chance to vote for My Little Pony. Ah well, at least Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter are all still in the running.

  22. Seriously?! Avatar sucks compared to Star Wars, and the Hunger Games is waaaaaaaaaay better than Dr. Who.
    I’m happy that Walking Dead is winning though. πŸ™‚

  23. Don’t judge Percy Jackson and the Olympians by it’s movie! Rick Riorden the author didn’t even watch it! The avenger movie wasn’t even that good! Like we all didn’t see them beating the aliens coming.

  24. Harry Potter (POTTERHEAD FOR LIFE; but I do love Buffy )
    Doctor Who
    Mortal Instruments
    SUPERNATURAL!!! (I love Benedict but Jensen, Jared, and Mischa have had my heart for the better of eight years. No contest)
    Lord of the Rings (No Freaking Contest)
    Couldn’t choose (Straight shot to feels :[)
    Couldn’t choose (Second shot to the nerd feels)
    Walking Dead (Firefly was cool but Darryl kicks shdofjfivdrhflfnslfn;swof!!!!)

  25. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Percy Jackson, The Last Airbender, The Walking Dead

  26. Aw, Homestuck already lost. But hey! WE WERE INCLUDED IN SOMETHING, BOOYAH! I feel like we’re invisible outside of tumblr and conventions.

  27. Harry Potter all the way. Hunger Games. Maximum Ride, because the flock is awesome. Sherlock. Lord of the Rings = win. The Avengers because Iron Man/Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. Is amazing! Star Wars because….it’s Star Wars. And Walking Dead because Daryl Dixon/Norman Redus rules. :))

  28. I voted Supernatural. That said, i think they’re kinda incomparable…oh and yeah if anyone here hasn’t seen firefly yet i highly-supremely suggest it! c:

  29. I don’t understand the point of this whole thing. Multiple fandoms are what make tumblr and stuff fun, and they all have different things that make them good. They don’t compete.

  30. DOCTOR WHO WILL RULE THEM ALL. Figment is mine to control!!! hehehehehe….wait, what? I didn’t say anything….

  31. ADVENTURE TIME, HARRY POTTER, AND PERCY JACKSON ALL THE WAY!!!!! The others I could care less. And I’m so confused on how to vote for the third round? Can you yet?

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