Figment’s Fandom Showdown: Round Three

Figment Fandom ShowdownSomething’s heating up! Buffy, Katniss, and the Winchester brothers were knocked out in Round 2, so we’re down to the Elite Eight of fandoms. This is where things start getting really rough. Are you ready? Yeah, we’re not so ready either.

Check out the Round 3 match ups below, and vote wisely!

Harry Potter vs. Doctor Who

Harry Potter vs Doctor WhoWe’re a little ashamed of ourselves for making you choose between these two, but you MUST. Will the Wizarding World win out, or will you choose all of space and time?

The Mortal Instruments vs. Sherlock

The Mortal Instruments vs SherlockWhen choosing between highly functioning sociopaths, will Magnus Bane and his magic be a match for Sherlock’s skills of logic and observation?

Lord of the Rings vs. The Avengers

LoTR vs The AvengersBoth of these feature an unexpected group of big personalities working together for the common good. It Loki the ultimate bad guy, or is it Sauron who haunts your nightmares?

Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. The Walking Dead

Avatar vs The Walking DeadThese two things have almost nothing in common. It’s weird that they’re paired with each other. But you still have to choose!

Which fandom is your favorite? Vote now! Click anywhere on the bracket to start voting. You can vote on Round Three until Friday, July 19 at 11:59 a.m. ET. And check back on later in the afternoon to see who moved on to Round Four! (You can only vote for each round once.)

Check out the fandoms that fell in earlier rounds:
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69 thoughts on “Figment’s Fandom Showdown: Round Three

  1. Harry Potter or Doctor Who.

    Suddenly, the heroine’s perspective in those dramatic, overused YA love triangles is starting to make a lot more sense to me.

  2. Something tells me that The Last Airbender vs. Walking Dead and Mortal Instruments vs. Sherlock will be easily decided, but Harry Potter vs. Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings vs. the Avengers will be neck-and-neck ’til the end.

    • At first I was like, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, HOW DO I DECIDE!!! But I though, and ended up choosing Harry Potter. My heart will always be at Hogwarts, until the very end. <3

    • Yes! How could one leave the beloved HP for a science fiction show? Sorry not sorry, I just don’t get it…. -_-

  3. What even? HOW IS LORD OF THE RINGS LOSING?????? I gotta say though, Harry Potter vs Doctor Who is going to be very, very interesting >:D

    • Oops – I wrote that under the wrong screen name (I had played a “Loki” joke in the previous thread). NOOO!! HP is ahead of DW!!! 🙁

  4. You cannot be serious. Doctor Who is winning against Harry Potter. I know you guys like the Doctor, but DON’T GIVE UP HARRY!!

  5. How can I EVER choose between them? Draco or Doctor? Doctor or Draco? That’s not helping how about villains. . . Voldemort or Weeping Angels? Still not helping! Side characters. . . Ron or Amy? I can’t possibly choose between gingers!

    I just won’t vote on that one!

    That was rude. . . and I’m still not GINGER!

    Rude and not ginger 🙁

  6. This is not fair. Doctor Who is winning. No. I refuse to believe this. Doesn’t anyone love the young boy wizard they met so long ago?

  7. I think this whole thing is stupid because everyone has their own opinions and “Fandoms”. if i was running this thing, at the end when the “winner” is chosen i would say that they all win because they are all cool! Don’t agree? then don’t reply!

  8. I think this whole thing is stupid. I love Doctor Who, but I also think all the other fandoms are awesome too! Why is this even happening? I think they should all win, because everyone has their own opinions and dreams.

  9. This is weird…I’m seeing a completely different set of brackets than the rest of you. It says Sherlock vs. Dr. Who and Last Airbender vs. Avengers. What’s up with that???

  10. If Dr. Who beats Sherlock and ends up winning this whole thing…

    I am going to be pissed. >:(

    Vote SHERLOCK!!!!!

  11. Harry Potter fans have more numbers and brains on their side due to the high literary aspect of it, but the Dr. Who fans have the arsenal. They are not ones to mess with or dis the fandom of o.O

  12. Too bad LoTR got voted out, I grew, and am growing up on LoTR. LoTR FTW, yet sadly, they got voted out. I personally didn’t like the Avengers. LoTR is LoTR yall, so much better than Avengers.

  13. I can’t believe Doctor who beat out Harry Potter. Doctor who is excellent, and it was a crime that they should go up against each other before the final round, but Harry Potter should have beaten Doctor if people had thought about it. Even the doctor is fan of JKR, not the other way around.

  14. How can I decide between Harry Potter and Doctor Who? Those are my two favorite things in the whole freaking world!


    Um, by the way, what’s the bracket?

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