How to Survive a Summer Storm



Summer is notorious for rolling thunder and impressive lightning strikes. We love a good thunderstorm, so here are few tricks to get the most out of Mother Nature’s rawest display of power.

Get the Right Snacks


First and foremost, we’d like to note that there is never a *wrong* snack. Never. But Pop Rocks make the experience of thunder and lightning tasty too!

Make Sure All Pets are Secure


Your precious puppy is likely to hide during a thunderstorm. So make sure they’re in a safe space. Like in your arms. Or your bath tub.

Take a Walk


There’s nothing nicer than a walk in the rain. Though, we suggest you stay inside if it is a full-blown thunderstorm.

Have the Right Accessories


A cute umbrella or snazzy rain jacket makes you feel awesome even if your hair has no hope of surviving in the humidity.



Dance in the rain. Maybe you’ll look like Rihanna. Maybe not.

3 thoughts on “How to Survive a Summer Storm

  1. You should also turn off the lights,light candles and read fantasy books. They will seem so much more real when its storming

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