Summer Fan-Fiction Contest Finalists

Inspired by the wonderful world of fanfic, we hosted a fan-fiction contest. We challenged you to write a fic about any fandom you wanted. You wrote and voted, and we’re now pleased to announce the finalists that will be judged by the Figment editors.

Capitol on Fire by Brenna Helquist

The Missing Compass by ♥Elizabeth Rose♥

Judgement by Dorian Claire O.

Kiara by Theresa Rose

Locks by Metallic Silver

WRONG by Valkerie Thomas

The Story of Foxface by Tina Kia

Safe and Sound by Alex M. Stache

Moments of Dreaded Peace by Karly

Heart Stop by Briana Colfer

Under Siege by Kierstyn

Because of a tie for tenth place, there are eleven finalists


One grand prize winner will receive three surprise books and a Figment tote.
One second place winner will receive two surprise books and a Figment tote.
One third place winner will receive one surprise book and a Figment tote.

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