Sherlock or Doctor Who? It’s Up to You!

We’ve been breaking so hearts with our Figment Fandom Showdown. Captain Kirk? He’s history. Frodo? Old news. Harry Potter? *Sob* — we still can’t talk about that.

Now we’ve reach the Final Four — and the competition is still tough — Doctor Who or Sherlock?

Get your vote in before Monday, July 22 at 11:59 a.m. ET in order to see who advances to the final round!

15 thoughts on “Sherlock or Doctor Who? It’s Up to You!

  1. Augh, it’s such a tough choice!!! I LOVE both DW and Sherlock pretty equally, but I guess overall I’d have to say… Doctor Who! 🙂

  2. Out of Avengers and Avatar the choice is easy; Avengers. Without a doubt.

    Now between Doctor Who and Sherlock….I guess I’d pick Doctor Who at the moment. Matt is like my favorite actor right now.

  3. Doctor Who. I adore Sherlock, but I just keep thinking of Doomsday and The Empty Child and I….
    Doctor Who.

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