Figment’s Fandom Showdown — Final Round!

Figment Fandom Showdown
This sure has been a grueling competition. In the first round alone we said goodbye to fan faves MLP and Merlin. Rounds two and three took a big toll on our morale as we lost LotR and Harry Potter (oof, that still smarts). And now, we’ve reached the final round with just two fandoms left standing. Without further ado, it’s time to vote in the final round!

Doctor Who vs. The Avengers

We have to admit, we were surprised to see the Avengers make it this far. It must be the strength of their combined superpowers. But are they a match for the beloved Doctor? Only you can decide!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE! Click on the bracket to start voting.

You can vote on Round Five until Thursday, July 25 at 11:59 a.m. ET. And check back on later in the afternoon when we announce the winner! (You can only vote for each round once.)

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85 thoughts on “Figment’s Fandom Showdown — Final Round!

  1. … *mumbling* Killing off fandoms… *grumbling* death.. LotR… SW… A:TLA… Figment, I am not happy with you right now.

    • Me, either! LOTR rules them all. Doctor Who is now equal to Sauron in my book. *snorts* Wicked, wicked Doctor Who.

      • HEY! The Doctor would kick Sauron’s metaphorical aft all the way from Middle Earth to Gallifrey! There, and back again! You don’t mess with the Doctor. If he can stop the unstoppable, he can beat Sauron! He’s defeated Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, crazy Ood’s, The Silence, and HUNDREDS of other things, and saved the UNIVERSE dozens of times, either by himself, with one other person, or a VERY small group of people! What’s Sauron done? Failed to take over ONE LAND and got defeated by a THREE armies of two cities of men and an army of elves, only to be killed when his ring got thrown into the flames of Mount Doom thanks to two hobbits and one former hobbit. Yes, I am a minor Whovian, but I dabble in other fandoms as well, and I only complained about MLP: FIM losing to Buffy since I thought there were more bronies and pegasisters.

        • minor whovian? dude, you’re a whovian in my book. and I am VERY happy that the doctor won. Like he says in waters of mars, he’s not just a survivor, he’s a winner 🙂 except that was a weird episode, so I’m not going to talk about it much.

  2. This a tragedy! why are we even having this contest. It’s causing hate and arguments where there needn’t be. All of these things are awesome for their own reasons, pitting them against each other is heart retching for those who devote themselves to being coinsures of good stories. This is a crime against writers, and readers everywhere!

  3. Okay, because Doctor Who killed Harry Potter, I will not vote for it. Also, I happen to like the Avengers. (I had no idea they would be the final too…I so thought HG and HP) FOR HARRY POTTER!!! AND MAXIMUM RIDE!!! AVENGERS!!!

  4. All my fandoms are gone. I’m running away and never returning… *packs bags*

    But of course Doctor Who is gonna win XD

  5. It’s obvious DW is going to win, but the Avengers, really? I mean, I love them to pieces, but IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THE AVENGERS BETTER THAN HARRY POTTER? And BTW, LOTR is mentioned in the Avengers (better clench up, Legolas)

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment! XD I love that comment about Legolas in the Avengers. This testifies to LotR’s awesomeness. It’s already transcending fandoms *grins*

  6. Haven’t seen Dr. Who, but I feel like this isn’t even a contest for the winner. Avengers might surprise me though.

  7. “When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, ‘After all this time?’ And I will say, ‘Always.'” – Alan Rickman

    I still do not see how Doctor Who won over Harry Potter. And it’s Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday today too!

    All Harry Potter lovers: Vote Avengers today to avenge Harry!

    • What if you’re one of those people who likes Doctor Who, Harry Potter, AND The Avengers? I can’t decide between these two! I like them both too much! They are both to funny and cool (Doctor: “Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey stuff” Avengers: scene where the Hulk has put Loki into Loki-shaped craters in a marble floor)

  8. This is supposed to be FUN. People just need to chill out, stop taking everything so seriously, and focus on improving their spelling, because that’s really the only tragedy I’ve seen so far. I’m aware that most people on here are teenagers (myself included), but I think we’re capable of behaving like adults even when it comes to our beloved fandoms. Drama llamas, begone!

  9. Come on, Doctor Who! You are so gonna win this!! Too bad LotR is out, though… at least I don’t need to choose between them for the finals. Avengers is cool, but… GO DOCTOR!!

  10. DOCTOR WHO!!! DOCTOR WHO!!! DOCTOR WHO!!! DDDOOOCCCTTTOOORRR WWWHHHOOO!!! I do love The Avengers a lot though… I have their comic book so… But still DOCTOR WHO!!!

  11. DOCTOR WHO FOR THE WIN!! The Doctor could easily beat that little group of constantly arguing superheroes with just a kettle and some string! The Avengers saved the earth once and only with all of them working together, the Doctor saved the earth single handed-ly a million times! Allons-y forever!

  12. I am actually very sad that The Lord of the Rings didn’t make it to the finals. As much as I love the Avengers, The Lord of the Rings beats them any day (Sorry, Captain). The Lord of the Rings is a piece of classic literature that has inspired every piece of fantasy writing since. Tolkien practically created and shaped a genre when he wrote The Lord of the Rings and the story has almost become a modern legend. As great as the Avengers are, they never did that.

  13. You know everyone is wondering how the Avengers beat Harry Potter. I’m still wonder how the Avengers beat Star Trek. I’m also wondering how Dr. Who is beating the Avengers. Unless they really are using time travel and voting twice…


    Either that our Thor will come and avenge [and you KNOW Tony Stark will]

  15. Look at it this way. This is a census to see which fan group is more numerous. What we’ve learned is that there are more Doctor Who fans than Hairy Potter fans.

    I am happy that Star Wars has been avenged tho. 😛

    *voted Doctor Who*

  16. the Doctor Who fandom will pass just as surely as Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, and every other fictional book, movie, or t.v. show so just give it a few years and let figment do it again. then we shall see who wins

  17. Everyone else is complaining about LotR and Harry Potter and I’m over here wondering how Sherlock got kicked out. What happened to the world?

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