Monsters University vs. Actual University

PixarHave you seen Monsters University yet? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! We get to see our favorite characters from the original Monsters, Inc. in their glory days: their college years.

Now, there are some obvious differences between the Monster version of college and the real-life equivalent, but Pixar got some things pretty accurate. What’s the difference between the furry, frightening Monsters University and your average American university? We’ve compiled a handy guide!


To start off, the classes are a bit different.

In the Monsters world, you spend your time learning to be terrifying…

Source: characters of a lifetime

. . . while in the real world, the only terrifying thing is the amount of work you have to do.

Source: hopelesslyfree

The sporting events are way more awesome at Monsters U.

They get the scare games . . .

Source: sing, sweet nightengale 

While we have to make do with everyone’s favorite college sport . . .


Source: Could there BE any more GIFs?

But the party scene? Totally similar.

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to get your dance on . . .


Source: Burning Pixie

But after some friendly peer pressure, you’re like:

Source: Buzzfeed

What with doing all that schoolwork, participating in extracurriculars, and socializing, it can be hard to find some time to stay in shape . . .

Mike, Monsters University

Source: Bowties & Scarves

And forget about sleep.

Lauren Lopez, Little White Lie, Starkid

Source: Gifbuffet

 Somehow though, you make it through:

Matt Smith

Source: No Thanks for the Venom

Because in both worlds, the greatest thing about college is meeting your best friends.

Mike Wazowski, James P Sullivan Source: Animated Disney GIFs

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  1. That Doctor Who gif!! Ahhh its making me cry, that is from when he is being erased from time, before he goes through the crack in time.

  2. You haven’t seen the football players at my college if you think those matches aren’t the Scare Games. O.O

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