Figment’s Fandom Showdown — Winner!

Figment Fandom Showdown

Well friends, we have reached the end of this arduous journey. We lost so many along the way — Merlin, Frodo, Captain Kirk. It was nearly impossible to get over the loss of Harry Potter in Round Three, but you persevered.

In the end, the Avengers put up a good fight, but we can’t say that we were surprised with the outcome. After all, you’ve declared your eternal love for the Doctor before.

In the end, there can only be one fandom to rule them all. The winner of Figment’s Fandom Showdown is . . .

Doctor Who

Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong? Tell us in the comments! And thanks to everyone who voted in our showdown!

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29 thoughts on “Figment’s Fandom Showdown — Winner!

  1. I love you figment, I really do. But it’s just not fair to make hordes of figgies choose out of their favorite fandoms. Also, the fact that HP got ruled out so early in the game is a mark that this was not a very accurate contest. Anyway, PLEASE post more stuff on nerdy boys-those were some of the funniest (and useful) articles I’ve found on the Daily Fig. Thanks!

    • I agree with every word you just typed. Including the stuff about the nerdy boys. Seriously Figment. The fandoms are all friends. We don’t want to compete.

  2. Yay!

    This is what us authors call a “bittersweet ending.”

    Most of us adore the Doctor. We really do.

    BUT SERIOUSLY! First Merlin, and Star Trek, and then HARRY POTTER! Really, Figment?

    Are we happy? Sort of. Do we like flipping coins to figure our favorite fandom to vote for? NO. It hurts.


  3. Not surprised. I think it’s a no-brainer that Doctor Who was gonna win. Too many Whovians milling around everywhere. But I do think it’s unfair some of the fandoms you paired up with each other earlier on in the beginning. Despite the fact I’m a total Avengers fan, I was flabbergasted that they made it this far. Especially when Harry Potter and Hunger Games had been eliminated earlier on. I would’ve just matched up better and made them more exciting. Like seriously, Mortal Instruments vs Maximum Ride? It didn’t matter because I knew they’d both lose in the end.

  4. It literally killed me inside when you made me choose between Sherlock and Doctor Who! Seriously, I FELT LIKE I HAD KILLED A MAN. But I guess the winner was a bit obvious when it came to the end. I’m a member of nearly all these fandoms, so I guess it’s just a bittersweet ending. Well done, Whovians!

  5. Personally, I think this contest was entirely unfair. Many of the fandoms Figment matched up against others, there was no way on Earth some of them were going to win. And Harry Potter? How did Harry Potter not win this? This contest was preposterous! Doctor Who won? How irrelevant to the fandom world. No offense to Whovians what so ever but truthfully some of the most popular fandoms, *cough* Harry Potter, should have at least made it farther then it did.

    I have said my peace.

    I bid you all a good day :/

    • I think the results would have been more accurate if the fandoms hadn’t been paired off at all. Say, in the first round, there are 32 of them, and you can vote for any of them that you want, but you’re limited to 16 votes. Then after that round is over, only the top half go on to the next. Then you can only vote for eight, and so on until there are only the top two left. That would probably be hard to rig with an app like the one Figment is currently using, but if they could manage to find a way, I think some of the best fandoms wouldn’t have been eliminated quite so soon, and the final showdown would also have been more evenly matched (I’m thinking HP and DW would have faced off then instead of in Round 3).

      • Oooh, that would have been good. It probably would have been a lot more accurate.

        I’m totally happy with DW’s win. Still, I’m in so many fandoms and I totally agree that some them, Harry Potter especially, totally should have made it farther.

  6. Oh, I don’t know . . . I don’t really like the Doctor, and it kind of annoys me that Figment pushes it as a fandom all the time (like, seriously. Whenever anything happens to the Doctor, Figment spazzes out).

  7. I’m just disappointed Once Upon A Time got eliminated so early on. It’s not the most popular fandom, but it’s a definitely a great show.

  8. I gotta say, I’m a Harry Potter / Avatar: The Last Airbender kinda gal so I am not pleased with the results. Congratz to all the whovians though… I guess… lol

  9. Glad we won. 🙂 Although I might not have voted for Doctor Who over Harry Potter if I only had the last few seasons to go by, there’s the fact that it’s just the latest song in a long and epic story. If anyone says they don’t like the Doctor, I challenge them to go back and watch some of MY Doctor’s episodes and say the same. Ten forever!

    • Just because YOU like Ten better doesn’t mean everyone else does. I, for one, really liked 11. Ten was to weepy and emotional, and had WAY TOO MANY COMPANIONS.

  10. I think that while the suspense of having multiple rounds building up to the final face-off was definitely gripping, the contest would be more accurate without the pairings of two fandoms to vote between. What I mean is, had Harry Potter been up against any fandom except Doctor Who in that earlier round, it would undoubtedly have won, and in the top two, fans of Avatar and LOTR ‘verses would *probably* (majorly stereotyping here)have voted for HP over Doctor Who.
    An honest vote would be infinitely more accurate, although not quite as fun. If you redid the contest another year, maybe you could pit every fandom against all others from the very beginning, and go through rounds via process of elimination to the final duo. 😀

    — Len

  11. There was a time that I would have been really happy that Doctor Who won, but lately I just can’t support the show. It treats its female characters terribly, and the writing does nothing but inflate the show’s ego. Wish we could have voted in something a little less problematic.

  12. I have to say I am disappointed in this contest. I don’t like doctor who at all. My friend tried to get me to watch some of it and I SLEPT THROUGH IT. personally, if I had been aware of it in round 1 this is how my voting would have gone:
    HP, BtVS, Once upon a time, Maximum ride, TMI, Percy Jackson, Avatar & the walking dead.
    Round 2:
    a hard choice; the slayer in me says buffy but the Hermione in me says HP. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Hunger games, TMI, Percy Jackson, Avatar, the walking dead.
    Round 3:
    HP, TMI & Avatar.
    and round 4; Avatar. Needless to say, I’m not super stoked with the results. oh well, You win some you lose some.

  13. Yay! Go Doctor! I’m so proud of how all the whovians came together. Get over it Harrly Potter fans. You’re being sore losers. Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean your fandom is bad or not worth watching.

  14. Seriously? Harry Potter all the way! Percy Jackson and Avengers are cool too, but I’m sad it’s not Harry Potter. 🙁

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