Travel the World with YA!

Are you stuck at home this summer? If so, never fear! Figment’s got you covered. We’re counting down our favorite YA reads set in different countries. Pick up one of these books and you can board a plane and travel to an exotic location without ever even leaving your room. It’s a surefire way to combat that middle-of-the-summer boredom. Take a look at our picks and let us know which ones we left out in the comments!

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars

by John Green

Hop aboard a plane to Amsterdam with Hazel and Gus! A lot of this book is set in the U.S., but some of the most memorable events occur when the two cancer patients travel to the Netherlands as part of the Make a Wish program. Not only do you get a heartwarming (and heart-wrenching) romance, you get to explore a new country through the eyes of two of the coolest teenagers around. Warning: Pack some tissues.

13 Little Blue Envelopes13 Little Blue Envelopes

by Maureen Johnson

Can’t decide where you want to travel? You can discover tons of different locations in this book, which follows Ginny on a crazy trip around Europe. Guided by letters that her late aunt wrote her, Ginny travels everywhere, from Scotland to Denmark to Greece. Along the way, she meets some great travel buddies, including an artist, a guru, and a bunch of Australian exchange students. Grab your backpack and tag along!

Anna and the French KissAnna and the French Kiss

by Stephanie Perkins

When Anna gets sent to a boarding school in Paris, France, she’s pretty bummed. It’s her senior year of high school—she doesn’t want to leave her friends behind. Plus, Paris is supposed to be the city of romance, but Etienne St. Clair, the guy Anna’s crushing on, already has a girlfriend. Will she end up with her true love? Head on over to Paris to discover the City of Lights with Anna.



by Amanda Sun

After her mom dies, Katie’s sent to Shizuoka, Japan to live with her aunt. It’s pretty hard to get the hang of things there. She looks totally different from her schoolmates, she barely speaks Japanese, and she’s got a lot to learn about the culture. Things get even weirder when she sees some drawings done by her classmate, Tomohiro—and they’re moving. Want to take a test drive before you buy your tickets? Start reading Ink here on Figment!

City of the BeastsCity of the Beasts 

by Isabel Allende

Take a trek through the Amazon with 15-year-old Alexander and his grandmother. They’re looking for a species of Beasts, some crazy humanoid creatures who live deep in the rainforest. With the help of their tour guide’s daughter, Nadia, Alexander tries to crack the mystery of the jungle before the Beasts tear their expedition to pieces. Up for a dangerous adventure? This book should be right up your alley.

Jellicoe Road

by Melina Marchetta

Let’s head down to Australia to meet Taylor, a teenager who is deeply involved in battles called the Territory Wars. These war games, fought between three different factions of teenagers in her small town, are tearing her world apart. Can Taylor unravel the secrets behind these divisions and bring peace back to the community? Bonus: You can visit Australia without having to endure the day-long plane ride!

Safe travels, everyone! Which of your favorite books did we forget? Leave a comment to let us know!

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