New York Times Summer Reading Contest!

At Figment, we love to encourage you to stretch your imagination. Whether you’re writing Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover fan-fiction or building an elaborate dystopian society, if you can dream it, you can write it.

But sometimes it’s important to stretch your intelligence and try your hand at writing non-fiction. The real world you live in can be just as compelling as the magical world in your brain. Which is why Figment is thrilled to be judging Week 6 of the New York Times Summer Reading Contest.

The challenge? Choose an article from The New York Times (anything written in 2013) and tell us why you found the story compelling. You submit your entry on the Times site. Figment editors will be reading the entries and choosing one entry to be featured on Learning Network blog on The New York Times website.

You have until Friday, August 2 to post your entry. The winning entry will be announced on Monday, August 12.

Click here for the full rules and more details.

Photo by Haxorjoe. Feature image by Camilo Sanchez.

19 thoughts on “New York Times Summer Reading Contest!

  1. Second sentence: “Whether **YOU’RE writing…”
    But besides that, I’m reeeeally excited for this contest 😀 Thanks, Figment!

  2. When will we be getting more flash fiction and regular contests? It seems like we’re lucky if we get one every other week now.

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