The Scariest Mythical Monsters

Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan, Logan LermanWith the second installment of the Percy Jackson series out in theaters next week, we’re pondering Greek myths. Even though they’re pretty much as old as civilization, these myths have a lot going for them. Namely, they have some of the creepiest monsters in all of literature.

Over the course of the series, Percy fights off all kinds of crazy creatures, from the Furies to the Minotaur. Still, it’s just a small sampling of the monsters that Greek myths hold. So which of these creatures is the most terrifying? Take a look at our picks and vote below! Did we leave your favorite monster off the list? Let us know in the comments!


Cerberus is a giant three-headed dog who guards the Underworld. He’s been used in countless books and movies, and he never gets less terrifying. Seriously, we love dogs, but a monstrous, killer one with three-fanged heads? We’re gonna stay far away from that one.


Scylla sounds pretty horrifying: She’s an evil goddess with twelve legs and six heads, each with three rows of razor-sharp teeth. As if this isn’t terrible enough, Scylla spends her free time luring ships and killing sailors. We suggest you set your boat’s course far, far away from her creepy lair.

Nemean Lion


Lions are kind of scary. You know what’s scarier? A giant lion. You know what’s EVEN SCARIER? A giant lion who’s impervious to all weapons. Heracles was the one to finally kill the Nemean Lion . . . in a wrestling match. Good for him, but that doesn’t sound all that doable for those of us without superhuman strength.

Stymphalian Birds

Birds generally aren’t the most frightening creatures. They’re usually pretty small, and they don’t tend to bother anyone. But the Stymphalian Birds? Yeah, they have metal beaks, they eat humans, and they have killer feathers that they can shoot at people. These guys make the Hitchcock classic, The Birds, look like a romantic comedy.


Empusa might look pretty on the outside, but once you get too close, watch out! She seduces men with her outer beauty before she reveals her true form: an evil vampire with donkey feet who feeds on humans. We’re never looking at beautiful people in quite the same way again.


We’re just gonna describe this one for you: It’s a lion with a goat head coming out of its back and a snake for a tail. Also, it breathes fire. Can you imagine if these things actually existed? The Greeks do love combining their animals into horrifying creatures, but we’re thinking the chimera might just be the worst hybrid ever.

Which of these monsters would you least like to meet down a dark alley? Vote now! And since there are a bajillion other Greek monsters we didn’t have room to include, let us know which ones we left out in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “The Scariest Mythical Monsters

  1. Wow. I’m in a minority.

    Look, the others don’t Look that great, but you people are kind of ignorant if you’d be more scared of something you can kill than something you can’t.

      • I read them I am a very good teacher in mythologies ( then again I am only 12.) But still their are a lot of people here who read these me included I am not trying to be rude and I am sorry if you think I am but just because someone votes for something doesn’t mean they are doing this because they don’t know anything about myths they just think that the monster they picked was terrifying.

  2. Where is the Hydra? I think a monster who for every head you cut off two grow back in its place is pretty unbeatable.

  3. I picked Scylla because I remember watching the old Odyssey movie and that was the part that scared me the most, despite how hard it is to kill the others. How did Percy kill the Nemean Lion again? Something in it’s mouth? Either way, they’re all pretty bad.

  4. Um, but what about Kampê? She’s a dragon-centaur with a scorpion’s tail, snakes attached to her feet, 50 different heads of scary animals around her waist, snake hair and wings. Dude. That’s pretty scary.

  5. I picked Empusa because I could for a better story around it… And, when I was little, a donkey bit me and I was scared of them until I was 9. I still hold that grudge.

  6. Personally, I’m going to say that none of these are the scariest, I’m going to go with Tartarus, and yes, he is a monster, because hm, let me think, he’s A FREAKING EVIL SOUL THAT IS PRACTICALLY A BOTTOMLESS PIT. Case closed.

  7. So far, the Percy Jackson movies have sucked SOOOOOOOOOOO hard. I actually wanted to forget that I ever watched the second one.

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