INK Haiku Contest Finalists

Katie Greene feels so alone. Her mother died. She’s living with her aunt in a small city in Japan and she doesn’t speak the language. Needless to say, high school is rough and it’s not easy to make friends.

Katie never expects to fall for Tomohiro, the star of the school’s kendo team — and an incredible artist. But she is intrigued by him and a little scared. What’s the deal with his mysterious scar? And did she just see his drawings come to life?

Inspired by Ink by Amanda Sun, we challenged you to write a haiku about loneliness. We had close to 600 entries! You voted for your favorites and today we’re pleased to announce the finalists who will be judged by Figment editors.


Forgotten by Kat:

Loneliness by Lucy Ains

Alone by Kayla Thaler

Haunting Trees by Kimberly

That Lonely Person Within by Nicola

Golden Leaves by Tiffany Jessica

Poolboy by Vivi Aloha

Silenced by Gabriela Boginsky

The Girl in the Orphan Clothes by William Carter

Let Me In by Chloe Calhoun

Wallflower by Leann Parker

An Ocean in a Glass by Margaryta

Brussels Sprouts by Evelyn Muse

Searching for the Ladybugs by Mae Dixon

The View From a Cloud by Juliette O’Hara

Empty Mornings by Emily Brennan

Elevator Operator by Amelia T

Wasted by SmileySara

Withering by *britts-NAY*

Behind the Scenes by Abigail Akyiaw


Ten winners will receive copies of Ink by Amanda Sun.

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  1. I’m going to be out of wifi for the next week as I will be in Morioka, Japan helping some tsunami victims that are still in temporary housing there. Afterwards I’ll be in Karuizawa where wifi is rampant and I’ll be able to see and give my information if needed. So if I vanish, that’s why! Lol

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