The 11 Steps of Waiting for Your Favorite TV Show to Come Back

We’ve almost made it, you guys. Only a few more weeks and we’ll be out of the summer desert of “Ohmigod why is there nothing good on TV?” It can be tough on a fangirl/boy waiting for their favorite shows to return, whether you’re looking forward to Legend of Korra or Supernatural. But don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel.

First, you wait patiently . . .

Kevin Mchale, Glee

Source: Glee Reaction Gifs

. . . then impatiently.

Raven Symone Source: Turnin’ kisses to bites

You talk about your show to anyone who will listen.

Modern Family

Source: Senor Gif

After a while, people start looking at you like:

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Hopelessly alone, you take to the internet.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Source: Hotel for Corn Dogs

You automatically like/retweet/reblog anything related to your show.

Jim CarreySource: justrandomatheart 

You start reading spoilers . . .

Joe Moses, Starkid, A Very Potter Musical

Source: Iced Gif

. . . then get unspeakably angry when you accidentally find out something important.

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Source: Gifrific

You impulse-buy a truckload of merch.


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You forgo sleep to rewatch all the previous episodes in the week before the premiere . . .

Harry Potter, Bonnie Wright

Source: Prioris Incantatem

. . . so that when you finally sit down to watch that new episode, you are the happiest crazy person in the world.

Legend of Korra

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25 thoughts on “The 11 Steps of Waiting for Your Favorite TV Show to Come Back

  1. Unless you’re a Merlinian. Then you stop at the hopeless buying things stage, because the show never comes back ;-;

  2. Ah, I’m in the middle stages of Supernatural withdrawal. I first started the show in April though and sped through all 172 episodes by mid-June, so I haven’t had to wait as long as most people.

  3. I’m waiting for Grimm, Modern Family, the Middle, and SOB ALPHAS! ALPHAS IS NEVER COMING BACK BOOOO! (Join my groups of all of these shows! :p)

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