Top 7 Superheroes They Should Totally Make Into Movies

If you’ve been on the internet lately (who are we kidding, of course you’ve been on the internet lately), you know that they’re making yet another Superman movie. You also know that everyone is positively freaking out over the fact that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman. Putting aside some of the more extreme reactions, the fact remains: Affleck is the sixth actor to play Batman in a movie since 1989.

Joe Walker, Nick Lang, Starkid

…not to mention all of Batman’s other incarnations.

Now, we love us some Batman and Superman, but they’ve been in TONS of movies. There’s a whole world of awesome, fearless, and sometimes hilarious superheroes that have never, ever had films made about them. We think it’s about time these guys hit the big screen. Check out our list of lesser-known superheroes they should totally make movies about.


Aquaman isn’t exactly lesser-known, but we think it’s criminal that he’s never been in a movie. Dude can TALK to FISH. How has this guy been fighting crime since 1941 without attracting movie producers’ attention? Seriously, at this point, they don’t even need to give him his own film. Just slip him into the next Finding Nemo movie.




This one’s just unfair. What, the Incredible Hulk gets tons of movies made about him, while his female counterpart is just left out? She-Hulk is at least as awesome as the Hulk, and aside from some unfortunate recurring jokes about her being a bad driver, she’s an amazing superheroine.



Johnny Thunder

Apart from having a hilariously awesome name, Johnny Thunder would be a perfect film star. He’s a great mix of tough and humorous, his sidekick is a Thunderbolt (basically a kind of genie), and he’s an asset to the Justice Society. Oh, also, his enemies come from a country called Badhnesia. This is too good to pass up.



The Atom

The Atom is pretty much a geek’s hero: He’s a brilliant scientist who’s kind of short and nerdy, but after exposure to radiation, he becomes super powerful. Basically, he can gather his radioactive powers into a giant fist and punch people with it. Don’t lie. You know you want to see that on the big screen.



The Black Canary

Okay, the Black Canary is just the coolest. Her secret weapon is a supersonic scream, she’s an insane martial artist, and she’s the best motorcyclist in Gotham. We’d even sit through yet another adaptation of Batman if it meant getting a glimpse of the Black Canary.



The Blazing Skull

The Blazing Skull is a former war reporter who wears a flaming mask and fights Nazis alongside the WWII superhero team, the Invaders. According to the comics, he helped win WWII (seems legit). He’s also able to make his flesh invisible while leaving his bones visible. We can’t actually think of a situation in which that would be useful, but hey, it would look pretty cool.



Doll Man

Essentially, Doll Man’s only real power is, as his name suggests, that he can shrink himself down to the size of a doll. We don’t know about you, but we would pay good money to laugh our way through a Doll Man movie.




Which other superhero movies are you dying to see? Let us know in the comments!

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56 thoughts on “Top 7 Superheroes They Should Totally Make Into Movies


    • EXACTLY. Thank you. Wonder Woman is an amazing superhero, and she deserves a decent movie about her.

      Also, I know it isn’t going to happen, but I’m still hoping for a Catwoman movie with Anne Hathaway.

    • I know, right? My brother (a big superhero geek) keeps saying that DC needs to focus on their other heroes more. It’s been Superman and Batman for so long

  2. I’d love to see some strong female superheroes. Not female superheroes who are helping a male hero. Not female heroes who get abducted or somehow lose their powers. Just female superheroes. Why aren’t there more movies about them? And on that topic, can anyone recommend some stories about female heroes?

    • Only if the actor doesn’t mess up the archery bit. That’s his character- he needs to know better than this guy did. Whoever played him in the Avengers movie looked great (Really easy on the eyes and not a bad actor from what I saw), but it drove me crazy that everything about the way he was shooting sucked, and he still never missed.
      The wild shot while he was falling was okay, because it’s a super hero movie- impossible is kinda part of the agenda. But the actor couldn’t have hit the broadside of a barn shooting like he did. He would have had a hard time releasing the arrow because of the way he drew which would have messed up the shot, and I’ll bet he had some marvelous bruises to cover up until somebody had pity on him and got him the second arm guard. That’s actually a really easy fix unless you’ve practiced wrong before- just don’t lock your elbow out. You’ll notice if you put your hand out- palm facing up- that the joint is a bit wider than the rest of the arm, and the flesh right there is in the way of the string. When you shoot the way your arm is right this moment (pretend you’re holding a bow with that hand) you’re putting it right in the way of the string, so you’re gonna get bit unless you turn your arm so your elbow joint is outward… I can’t explain clearly, which is why I’ll never be an archery instructor.
      I could have shot better after my first archery experience. (Wasn’t even a lesson, just a man who’d been doing this since he was little telling me how to shoot.)
      I’m really curious to know who he trained with. (I’m assuming he cared enough to find himself an instructor, and didn’t just assume he could teach himself…) They ought to find a job that doesn’t entail conning actors who play big parts in big movies. That just ruined the whole movie for me.
      Sorry for the rant, but I just watched that movie again, after the excitement of it wore off, and almost fell out of my chair when I started noticing all those things. It made me really sad.

  3. Love love love Black Canary. We definitely need a good set of films about kick arse female superheroes.

    I want a Hawkeye movie, and not a Clint Barton Hawkeye movie, a KATE BISHOP INCLUSIVE Hawkeye movie. With both of them. Being great.

    I’d also love to see Zatanna take on the bad guys, and maybe something with all generations of the Blue Beetle (Jaime!).

  4. Okay, she’s not a superhero but am I the only one who just really wants to see Harley Quinn in a movie? Even if it’s just a couple scenes in a batman movie, she’s one of my favorite characters.

    Another one I’d love to see is the story following one of the Robins after they left batman. Preferably Nightwing but Red Hood our Red Robin could work as well.

  5. Black Widow totally needs her own movie… Her randomly showing up in various Avenger’s movies isn’t enough!!! (What happened in Budapest???)

  6. Black Canary already exists in live action (albeit power-free) form on the eternally crappy TV show Arrow.

    Personally, I would love to see Ms/Captain Marvel in a movie (and I bet we might with Avengers 2 or Marvel phase 3).

    Other possible candidates for movie characters would be Jackie from The Darkness, Spawn, and Deadpool.

    Finally, I would do horrible things for a movie version of The Authority.

  7. Raven from DC Comics. C’mon guys, Teen Titans, The New Teen Titans, The Titans? She’s freaking AWESOME. And pretty much has the best storyline ever. EH-VA.

    • Dude! CW was SUPPOSED to make a Raven themed TV series, like they did Arrow (which I actually have issues with) BUT, around the same time, The Vampire Diaries got SUUUUPER popular with mainstream, and they shoved Raven on the back-burner, and picked up that series instead x.x

  8. The Atom can shrink down to atomic scale– CAPTAIN Atom is the one that can gather energy force. He gets used as an atomic bomb in a parallel DC Universe. Also, if She-Hulk is the counterpart to The Hulk, not just a DC rip, she belongs to marvel. Superman and Batman are both DC. Wonder Woman also HAS a movie that came out in 2009. C’mon guys, if you’re gonna nerd out, do it right =p

  9. Nightwing. Just Nightwing and perhaps a glimpse of the BatClan, especially Oracle and Damian, add some Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson, and absolutely no Tarantula and I would be content.

    Or Red Hood, though, he does have a movie. Marvelous one too. Sill, Nightwing.

    • Nightwing…*Swoon* Everyone knows that Dick Grayson will ALWAYS be THE best Robin. I’d like to see a movie about him. The elements in his background of darkness, along with his own good-natured, good kinda guy attitude would be really great. Then again, I’m not sure what actor I’d really want grabbing the role of Nightwing, if we’re talking Live Action. I think I’d want the voice of the Young Justice Robin->Nightwing if they made an animated version.

    • Oh God, I love the Flash. He’s so incredibly underrated, but, he’s one of the original 7 founding members of the league. When left with no options, he’s pretty much a force of complete ‘win’. And yes, his sense of humor…There’s an old episode of justice league, think it was the ’04 where he and Lex Luthor (the Wally version of the Flash) switch bodies, and at some point, Flash in Lex’s body, runs to the bathroom, and has a spazz attack. Some evil chickadee comes in, and starts to lead him back out, and this random villain that was in there says ‘Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?’ So Flash->Lex turns around and goes, “No. Cause I’m evil!” And throughout this episode, as fake Lex, he’s using dramatic words like ‘Yes, continue your nefarious deeds’ and all this silly stuff. It was great. I would LOVE to see a Flash movie. They recently had an animated one but…I’d like a live action.

  10. Besides all the other comments I typed out, on Nightwing, Raven, and the Flash, I think it would be really really incredible if they brought back The Spectre from the 70s peak.

    He’s not the conventional superhero, he hits darker than batman, and I’d like to see a superhero movie that leans towards Watchmen without getting that gruesome. A movie with the main hero having that line that they straddle to an extreme. I mean, everyone says Batman does, but at the end of the day, Batman is a good guy. Now, the Spectre hits up psychological torture and torment before murdering murderers.

    If they did style it as if it was the 70s, I think they could -REALLY- bring him back, because he only got back-burnered because his existence couldn’t be justified with The Justice League in existence. He isn’t benevolent enough.

  11. Aqua Man showed up in Smallville, beached and parched, and I think the canary lady was in… something? Might also have been Smallville.
    I do think it’d be nice to see a movie about Aqua Man.

  12. captain marvel is kind of like hulk but not really. he says SHAZAM! and then billy Boyd turns into this really strong man and he really can throw people around.

  13. Definitely a Hawkeye and Black Widow movie. I wanna know what happened in Budapest, I mean all we knew about them prior to “Avengers” was that she was a personal assistant to Pepper and Tony while she was observing Stark/Iron Man for the Avengers initiative, and Hawkeye had one scene showing that he was an archer in Thor. Everyone else had a movie or two showing how they got where they are why not them????? I want one that shows their past story and how they work well together and possibly two for after what they do not part of the team.

    Maybe a better Catwoman than what was the train wreck that Halle Berry was in. PLEASE.

    Live action Teen Titans would be cool, I loved the original Teen Titans show when I was younger not the new one that is on now.

    More of the X-Men origins films than just Wolverine, like Raven, Professor X, Beast, ETC.

    • Actually, Budapest was the first night that Black Widow and Hawk Eye… Got together, if you catch my drift. At least, they did in the comics. After that they had a sort of odd relationship but it was still awesome, and yeah, a film adaptation would be HEAVEN.

      I’m super interested in the other X-Men movies too: They need one featuring the Legacy Virus, that’s not even mentioned in the movie series, only in the comics.


  14. I would love a Nightcrawler movie. He’s one of my top five favorites, and any time I mention him, all I get in response is “Who?”

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