How to Survive Applying to College

We hate to burst your bubbles, but the summer’s officially over. That means it’s everyone’s (least) favorite time of year: college application season! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but but luckily, Figment’s here to help you out. We’ve compiled a super accurate, extremely informative list to guide you through the process.

First, you’ll want to figure out where you’d like to apply.

30 Rock, Tina Fey

Source: College Humor

 If you have a chance, visit the campus!

The Hobbit

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Then, it’s time to get down to essay-writing.

Source: Doctor Professor Wright

Since you guys are all literary geniuses, though, this should be no problem.

David Tennant Source: BBC Sherlock Fan Forums

But seriously, don’t forget to proofread.

Source: Richy Santiago

Be sure you find a reference who thinks you’re the greatest.

Amanda Bynes

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Ask your parents or teachers to look over your app before you hit “submit.”

Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation

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Then you’re done!

Bolin, Korra

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. . . and all you have to do is check the mail like a madman for the next few months.

Richard Griffiths

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