Legend of Korra: Benders We Want on Our Side

Okay, Figs. We’ve been waiting more than a year to say the following sentence: Legend of Korra Book 2 premieres tomorrow! And in all of our excitement about the upcoming season, we’ve been thinking about what it’d be like to live in Republic City.

On one hand, it would definitely be an awesome place to spend time, but there are a few aspects that might make life there a little tough. Like, oh, the corrupt government officials and the evil gang leaders and the underground resistance movement . . . you get the idea. So if we were to hang out there, we’d want a couple of strong fighters to watch our backs. Which of these Benders would you most want on your side in a fight? Vote now!

Janet VarneyKorra

Come on, Korra’s the Avatar! She doesn’t have to limit herself to one element; she gets all four! Although she can be a little quick to act at times, she’s got a fierce fighting style that’s sure to ward off enemies. Bonus: She can heal your wounds. She’ll definitely take the lead in protecting you.



David FaustinoMako

Even though Mako’s personal life is kind of a mess (who should he fall in love with? Asami? Korra? His scarf?!), there’s no denying that he’s a great firebender. He’s even good enough to bend lightning! Besides, his devotion to Bolin shows what a loyal guy he is — he’d be a real asset to your team.



PJ ByrneBolin

Don’t be fooled by Bolin’s adorableness: he’s a strong earthbender and a real team player. And, okay, his adorableness doesn’t hurt his cause. Neither does Pabu, his EXTRA-adorable pet fire ferret. Even if you don’t want Bolin to fight on your side, you might consider keeping him around just for Pabu.



JK SimmonsTenzin

Tenzin’s one of the only airbenders alive, which absolutely gives him an advantage in terms of fighting style. He’s a no-nonsense dude who wouldn’t tolerate any funny business during your trip to Republic City. Other advantage: he has an entire family of airbenders (including the fearsome Meelo) behind him.



Lin Beifong, Mindy SterlingLin

As police chief, not only is Lin an awesome Bender, but she knows the ins and outs of Republic City like no other. Her perfect mastery of her mom’s patented metalbending technique helps quite a bit, too. As long as you don’t get on her bad side, fighting next to Lin would basically rule.



Dante BascoIroh

Sigh. Iroh. We’ve only seen a little of him so far, but what’s not to love? He’s the youngest United Forces general ever, he’s a fantastic firebender, and he’s insanely brave. Also, for some reason, the fact that he sounds exactly like his grandfather is a huge point in his favor.



Rami MalekTahno

All right, it’s possible that this list is devolving into a “prettiest Benders” countdown, but Tahno’s got some fighting skills going for him. He’s a powerful waterbender, clearly the heart and soul of his pro-bending team. And he must have some unearthly power that allows his hair to defy gravity like that.



Which of these Benders would you most want on your side during a trip to Republic City? Vote now! Which Benders (or non-Benders!) did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Legend of Korra: Benders We Want on Our Side

  1. Think about it this way… Korra’s the avatar, everybody loves Korra, you get Korra, and look, you have everyone else. KORRA FTW!

  2. Guys, how come Tahno is so low on the polls? He’s basically proven himself to be the best bender ever. Even if he’s a little bit of a douche at the beginning, after he lost his bending he definitely surrendered his cocky attitude. He’s basically Zuko again. (Starting out as the creepy main antagonist no one likes. Turns out to be and awesome bad ass)

  3. Toph was my favorite character from the old series. Lin is my favorite character from Korra. Gotta love those badass Beifong girls!

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