How We Felt When We Heard About the Fantastic Beasts Movie

Figs, all of our greatest wishes have been answered! J.K. Rowling is writing a film series based off on Harry Potter’s textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Do you know what that mean? More premieres, more midnight releases, and more brand-new stories!

We could tell you how absolutely insanely excited we are, but why would we do that when we could show you . . . through GIFS, of course.


At first, we were in shock.


Source: Reaction GIFs

Maybe even a little suspicious.

Aladdin, Disney

Source: crushonobama

But once it sank in, we were like:

Emma Watson

Source: The GIF Garden

We started daydreaming about standing in line for midnight showings.


Source: My dog is a superhero

We tried to go about our daily business, but it was hard.

Parks and Recreation

Source: gifhappy

We freaked out about it on the internet.

Martin Freeman, Sherlock

Source: SherlockNYC

Once or twice, we were a little worried.


Source: Glee Wiki

What if the movies don’t do well? What if they don’t live up to the hype?

Saturday Night Live

Source: estranged lover

But then we remembered that JK.. Rowling will be the writing genius behind the series, and, well . . .

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley

Source: Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero 

23 thoughts on “How We Felt When We Heard About the Fantastic Beasts Movie

  1. Someone should have been there to make a gif out of my reaction…I ran in on my roommate and her date in the living room and kinda jumped around with my mouth open, screaming silently while they gave me a blank look.

    • lol. I only figured it out recently and was still in class. I was reading on my computer when everyone was silent. Checked my email and suddenly i was up and jumping. The desk flew up and land a few feet away with a loud bang and i was screaming bloody murder. The teacher had halfway dialed 911 when someone took my computer out of my hands (i was clenching on to it for dear life while i was still jumping) and saw harry potter. the extra assignment i had to do was worth it.

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