Pop Culture’s Funniest Families

ABC, sophia vergara, ty burrell, jesse tyler fergusenWe’re big Modern Family fans here at Figment, so naturally we’re super stoked for the season premiere! The Dunphy/Pritchett family’s antics never fail to have us rolling in our seats. The new season can’t arrive soon enough!

Our excitement about Modern Family has gotten us thinking about some other funny families in pop culture. Which of these hilarious families makes you laugh the hardest? Check out our picks and vote for your favorite! Which ones did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!


Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia DerossiThe Bluths

Arrested Development

You can’t help but laugh at the hilariously dysfunctional Bluths. From GOB’s tricks—er, sorry, illusions—to George Michael’s lovable awkwardness to Tobias’s penchant for cutoffs, this family never fails to keep us entertained (and sometimes cringe). Plus, it’s the only show that’s shown us at least five ways to imitate a chicken.


Frankie Muniz, Jane Kazmerek, Bryan CranstonMalcolm’s family

Malcolm in the Middle

Watching Malcolm’s family descend into chaos can be a little painful at times, but their antics never fail to make us chuckle. Their small house is overflowing with big personalities—and we love to watch their awkward dynamics. It’s tough for us to pick our favorite family member here (although Dewey might win just for cuteness).


ron, ginny, fred, george, rupert grint, bonnie wrightThe Weasleys

Harry Potter

The Weasleys’ funniness rests largely on the shoulders of Fred and George, joke shop owners extraordinaire. But Ron’s definitely got his moments of comic relief (especially if you’re just going by the movies…), and even Percy ends up cracking a joke at long last. We think a weekend with this family would be nonstop hilarity.


The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been showing off their hilariousness on TV since 1989. It’s pretty impressive that they’ve been able to stay funny for so long, especially without aging a day (poor Maggie has been an infant for fifteen years!). Their wildly different personalities make the Simpsons a recipe for laughter.


Napoleon’s family

Napoleon Dynamite

Okay, these guys might not know how funny they are, but they always make us smile. Just the mention of Kip’s hysterical internet relationship, Napoleon’s crazy dance routine, or Uncle Rico’s general existence is enough to send us into fits of the giggles.


DisneyThe Duncans

Good Luck Charlie

The Duncans are so hilariously crazy that Teddy makes a series of videos to help her baby sister survive growing up in the family. We can barely keep track of all of the family members, friends, and coworkers in the Duncan house. Charlie’s going to need all the good luck she can get!


Which of these families do you find the funniest? Vote now! Which side-splitting relatives did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Oh my God. Malcom in the Middle, come on, it’s practically a classic. Plus, how could they have forgotten the frickin BARONES?

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