How to Survive Homecoming

Homecoming is a big weekend in a high-schooler’s life. You’ve got pep rallies, the football game, the parade, the dance . . . there’s a lot going on, and it can be more than a little overwhelming. But don’t fret: Figment’s here to guide you through! From picking out the perfect outfit to coming up with the best football cheers, we’ll help you figure out this Homecoming thing once and for all.

First, you’re gonna want to show off your school spirit, like, all the time.


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Even if you’re not in any clubs or sports, you should find a way to march in the parade.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Once the parade is over, it’s time to get ready for some FOOTBALL!

Despicable Me

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It’s cool if you don’t totally understand the rules, just cheer when everybody else does.

Steve Carrell

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Make sure you cheer for everyone, including the cheerleaders, the marching band, and the referee.

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Okay, football’s over. Now it’s time to get yourself to the big dance.

Tina Fey

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Who cares if you have a date? Come dressed in your finest . . .

Bolin, Pabu

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. . . and get pumped to dance the night away!

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So even if you feel kind of like this:


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Homecoming’s still a great excuse to act like a crazy person.


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