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figment logoThe Figment Forums are a great place to interact with your fellow Figs. You can get technical help, ask for writing critiques, discuss last night’s episode of Supernatural, or offer up suggestions on how to improve Figment. And that’s just the beginning!

There are so many different boards, from Roleplay to Pitch Perfect, guaranteeing there’s a forum for everyone.

132 thoughts on “Make Friends in the Forums

  1. Hi everyone I’m new and would like to make friends and would love for you all to read my stories and give your opinions about them. Thanks!!

  2. Hi!!! I’m a newbie…this is all pretty much foreign to me. The only website that I am very, very familiar with, is Wattpad. This website is cute too, though! Looking forward to joining the family ^—-^! I’ll be posting my first story very soon, please do check it out!

  3. Anyone like advnture time or creepy stories that can give you a chill!? >:3 Take a look at my page, ive got a good thing going 🙂

  4. Hi! I am new here, I just joined literally yesterday, haha. Right now I am writing a story. It would be really nice to meet friends 🙂 and I’ll totally read stories. absolutely love reading 🙂

    • I love to read also.It’s an every day thing and it’s one of my hobbies.I’m new here also.I just joined the 29th.I’d like to read one of your books.Would you like to be my first friend?

  5. Hey, I just wanted to say hi and just say that I LOVE reading…
    I’m serious, my closet is my bookcase and it’s full…
    And I have tons of Harry Potter legos, and wands, and brooms, and robes, and all that other fun stuff…. 🙂

  6. I’m a newbie here I’m kind of getting the hang of it I think. I just uploaded a chapter from my first book. Please do check it out and tell me what you guys think. I’ll put every single thought of yours in consideration :)I’m more familiar to wattpad, but i decided to give this web page a try. Why? Because, of what I’ve been hearing about this page is just incredible amazing 🙂 well, I hope to hear from you guys soon. Please check out my first chapter to my first book 🙂 I’ll appreciated lots.

  7. I’m kinda of looking for friends that would be willing to help me with by giving me ideas on what i could do to make my story better.

  8. Hey Guise! I’m not sure how to put this but cut the long story, I need help! Not on any of followers and stuffs like that, no! I need help when I’m brain dead! I can’t write about myself, or my life! I just! I need some help sometimes that doesn’t make me want to cry at my lack of inginuity on autobiography type of stuff! I can make it about a fictional character but not myself! I just hope I get that help soon!!!

  9. I just created a scary story called “The Haven” its about Asylum in the 1900’s that has a creepy background story and a Doctor that can’t wait to place a smile on your face. If you are interested a scary story please read my story and tell me what you think. And thank you 🙂 Link: The Haven

  10. Hey, I’m new, will you guys please check out my story\stories (I might have only put one out) and tell my if you like them??? Please don’t fallow me if you don’t like them!

  11. hey, i’m also new. ive been using figment for its writing format but never really got involved with the community, but i love reading all of your awesome writings and i’d love to participate. i’m absolutely open to swaps or even to check out some of your stuff. let me know! 🙂

  12. Hi guys,
    I am also new here. And I need friends…? 🙂
    Anyone willing to give me a walk through?

  13. Does anyone wants to be my friend? I’m new. Friend request me,and I’ll request you too.!!!Thank you and have a good day everyone 😀

  14. Hey guys, I’m new and I really want to make a best friend on here so we can share each others stories and all that jazz. Preferably someone 15 and older 🙂

  15. I am new here and I don’t really know anyone. So if anyone thinks they can match my unicorn-awesome-rainbowness we should talk 🙂

  16. Hey, new to figment. I’m open for swaps and please take a look at my on-going story, The Half-Breed Princess 🙂

    P.S. If you have heard about this story, I think I have had this story uploaded on here a few years ago but it wasn’t as solid as it is now. Just wanted to put it out there 🙂

  17. Hi people,
    I not really that new, but I have a couple of questions to ask you writers.
    How do you get motivated?
    How can you write something with out having it sound similar to a bother book?
    How long is a short story?
    I have some of my writings up here please feel free to check them out.

  18. im kin of new here so I was wondering of some of you guys could look at mt stories and comment your feelings on them, like what should I do or just what you think.

  19. Well, I’m new! I’ll be posting soon so please check them out if you’d like? I really need some advice or feedback on my writing I never get that! Also I have a writing blog specifically for stuff that may or may not go on here and its if you want to check it out?

  20. Wow! Ok, so I WAS going to say that I was new here, but looks like a whole bunch of people just beat me to it! Nice to meet you guys! Sorry if I’m coming off as sarcastic, but that wasn’t what I wanted to sound like. Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to all you nice people since I’ll probably be reading your writing and maybe commenting.

  21. I am new here, who can explain to me simply how to use this site, like checking messages, finding ppl, making friends, seeing if anyone had ready my stuff ect ect ect….

  22. Hey. I’m a bit new.I’m interested in meeting other writers to befriend and hopefully get followers with the more work I post out for the book project I have in mind.

  23. Okay so I’m new to figment and I don’t really have followers or know who to follow. I don’t really need followers yet because I haven’t posted my book yet, but I could use some inspiration and friends. Figment friends needed!

  24. Hey guys! Im new, Id love for everyone to follow me and read my stories. Id really love to inspire many people with my work. I love writing. Hope to follow you back.

  25. New to the site..look forward to reading new and fresh expressions while sharing some of my own…Thank you for the welcoming

  26. Hey guys. I’ve been on Figment for two weeks. My only follower is my brother. Would you guys mind maybe reading my story and commenting? Following, if possible?

  27. I just started today and kind of felt really inspired to write, you know? Anyway, I ended up writing this ENTIRE. CHAPTER on my first day, did some basic proof reading and editing, but it would still be great to get some opinions and constructive criticism. Thanks <3

  28. Hey you guys! I just posted my book P.S I Love You. Its not finished yet but I just posted it so people could read and to see if people like it. Also I want to know if there’s anything I could change.

  29. Hey guys!! New here and looking to have fun and read cool stuff along with write my own things. Looking also for comments for improvment. So don’t hesitate. 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you all.

  30. Hey everyone, I’m new here, and I just posted the first chapter to my work in progress. I’m looking to make some new friends as well as get some reads.

  31. Well, I’m new here, I’m a Korean, but I lived in China, now I live in South Africa, so I can speak Chinese much better than Korean, I’m still a student , but it doesn’t matter, age is not a problem, ok, nice to meet you everyone~

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