How to Prepare for Halloween

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It’s October! Or as we like to call it, Halloween Month! If you want your Halloween to be as excellent as possible, we recommend that you start getting ready now. At a loss for how to prepare? Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have the spookiest Halloween ever!

First, you should pick out your costume way ahead of time.

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Wear it around to make sure it’s totally comfortable.

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Decorate your room/house/apartment to show off your Halloween spirit.


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Map out your trick-or-treating route in advance to guarantee you get the best candy.

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Speaking of which, you’ll want to prime your stomach for all that candy eating.

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If you’re not going trick-or-treating, you should plan on being the most excited person at the party/dance/get-together you’re going to.

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To get into the mood, watch lots of scary movies.

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Practice your costume makeup skills.

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Now all you have to do is put on your costume and wait for the 31st.

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Wait, wait, wait. It’s only the second week in October??

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  1. If you’re hosting the party, find out who of your guests like/hate what and make sure they’re going to have to best time they’ve ever had by bringing their favourites.

    If you’re having a masquerade, have a few extra masques ready in case someone forgot what the theme of the party was.

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