Dust Off Those Thinking Caps!

Coming soon

We are pleased to announce NEW Figment contests coming soon – January 2014!

So, roll up your sleeves, clean out your keyboards and dust off your thinking caps.

Let us know what contests you would like to see in the comments below and more details will be coming soon!

199 thoughts on “Dust Off Those Thinking Caps!

  1. i personally would love to see another contest or three or ten like the defy the dark contest.

    plus, i would love to see many more contests that are NOT heart based. i don’t just mean flash fiction ones (though i like those) i mean real short story contests.

  2. I’m just happy that contests are coming back! Can you try to stay away from heart-based contests?? That would be the only thing I’ll be looking for! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. That’s great that you guys are starting the Contests again! I really missed entering them and reading other people’s entries.

    I personally would like more book promotion contests, where the winners receive copies of the books being promoted. I feel like I’ve been out of touch with the Young Adult literary world ever since Figment stopped doing contests, and I would really like to see more of these. Also, I know that there will be a ton of people who will comment about the end of the heart-based contests. Hopefully you guys will have found a better solution than the top ten most hearted entries.

    It’s so nice to see Figment back and running again!

  4. You should do another fan-fiction contest! Those are always fun and are very popular πŸ™‚ Also, are you guys doing another Seventeen Mag. competetion?

  5. Oh Figment!
    Where have you been?
    You’ve been gone so long, I’d love any type of contest.
    Maybe a free-write?
    Something based off a picture?
    Maybe a myth/fairytale to re-create?

  6. Yay! I’m so excited!!! I would LOVE to see lots of heart-based short story contests (bc on those the word limit is usually bigger, right? And it helps me get myself out there). I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  7. Omg finally! lol, You should do a re-write a fairy tale, or hunger games. Like take something and turn it into your own! That would be awesome. Or a world war two event. Like do something about war. A tragedy. I don’t know lol…. I’m bored and just want to do a contest.

  8. In general, contests not based on hearts would be preferable. Specifically, I’d like to see sci-fi or fantasy short story contests. There haven’t been any contests in awhile, so I’m especially eager πŸ™‚

  9. I would love to see:
    *City of Bones contest
    *Hush, Hush Contest
    *Song inspired contests
    *Ender’s Game Contest
    *Gena Showalter Contests
    *Non-Based Heart Contests
    *All types of prompts, not just romance and so on. Darker prompts would be great too! πŸ˜€

  10. Scholarship contests and one’s with publication are great. As are contests with a shorter entry period, so you’re not drying to find out who won for months, and swamped with swaps regarding the same topic for just as long.

  11. Glad Figment’s coming back! Here are my ideas for contests:

    – Write a story with your friends as the main characters in your own novel!

    – Write a story based off of listening to a song. (Of course you guys can pick the song(s).)

    – Themed writing contests for the holidays, seasons, school, and months.

    Those are some of my suggestions! Good luck! :3

  12. I don’t know what I do want to see, but I do know what I don’t want to see. I would honestly like to have less “heart” based contests. Those just end up as “heart for a heart!!!” Where nobody even reads the story, just hearts it and adds some lame comment based on what other people have said.

  13. YES, you’re back!

    Will 17mag be having a writing contest this year?

    Personally, I would like to see some contests that are personally judged instead of having to haggle for hearts. However, I’ll be happy with whatever’s posted.

  14. How about a ‘First Chapter Challenge’ Must be completely new to Figment (not something you have previously posted) with a max word count. The first chapter must be compelling and make you want to continue reading. You could even have a theme word such as ‘Refuge’ or ‘Frost’ that the chapter must portray.

  15. I think you should have a contest about “What if one day you fell into your favorite TV show or movie”? How would you interact with the characters? Would you be happy to be in this new place or would you miss being at home with friends and family? Just an interesting idea to me!

  16. Maybe some first chapter contests, or a first one 600 words contest, since the first part of the story is important since it’s what has to grab the attention of the reader. I’m so glad contests are coming back!

  17. I’ve noticed that you like to make contests based on books, so I have a couple suggestions.

    1. A contest based on the book Unwind: by Neal Shusterman. It’s a work of genius!

    2. A Harry Potter 19 years later fanfiction. Everyone loves Harry Potter πŸ™‚

    3. A contest for Co-writers based on Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia Wrede and Carolina Stevermer. The contestants would play their own mini letter game with eachother.

  18. I think a fun contest we could do is we just write a prolouge to a story, you know. Like say you wanted to write a murder mystery. You could just write an opening prolouge to that.

  19. You should do a new years moment, making a wish at midnight, kissing at midnight or a crazy new years party, or even find a way to make new years magical (or science fiction) A contest about christmas/new years would be awesome.

  20. I think an interesting topic would be anything. You should let the writers have freedom in what they write then in the end see who didn’t write the best story but who wrote from they’re heart. That is what i call a contest.

  21. I think there should be a DRAMATIC story writing contest, the prize should be $200 for the winner. The winner shall be determined by how good the story is, not how many hearts it gets, because some peoples don’t even get read and hearted after they’ve read 2 or three… and some times people can’t even find everyone’s!

  22. You should do a doctor who or divergent or harry potter fanfiction contest! I would enter! And make it so they can be longer than 250 words, that limit is always hard to stay within. Thanks!

  23. I would like to see a distopian/apocalyptic writer’s contest. Maybe we could win something, like a copy of the Walking Dead, or the Declaration?

  24. How about a story of friendship ? =D
    I have this single litle friend…who died…not so long ago …
    What am I saying ? XD

    Seriously … I wanna see a friendship awesome adventure !

  25. So lovely to hear about this! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Figment and Random House. πŸ™‚

    I would love science-fiction inspired contests, but that’s just me. I’m game for anything.

  26. There are always those songs that seem to fit perfectly with your story or maybe a song inspired your story. I’d love if Figment had a contest where we wrote a segment from a story and incorporated a song that described the situation. I know it sounds corny, but it seems fun to me.

  27. Perhaps you could pick either more meaningful or more obscure books to base your comments on. The Book Thief had depth. Mistborn was engaging and creative. Ender’s Game dealt with the weighty matters and slippery slopes of humanity.

    Oh, and don’t make it heart-based. I’d rather see no contests at all than see a heart-based one.

  28. I want to see ARC books and other POPULAR books for review. There are many of us readers who would LOVE to give reviews in return for a PAPER copy of a great book (I know I would!!). It would help alot of people who do not read as much as they would like because of the economy (books can be very expensive!).

  29. Perhaps a short story with a theme of something lost. It would give writers a lot of leeway. The stories could range from losing a family member to something tragic, to losing a boyfriend to another girl to an obsessive child that nearly gets herself killed trying to find a toy.

  30. You’ve probably already done this but, i was thinking maybe a post apocalyptic themed contest or a medieval time period themed contest?
    I don’t know just ideas πŸ˜€
    Thank you

  31. I would like to see more poetry contests! Perhaps where you write about your favorite books!

    It would also be great to see cool prizes. The ThinkingSideways contest gave FREE books to those who won!

  32. Yay! Finally.

    Something to do with the Divergent or Hunger Games books would be cool…

    Dystopian is really hot right now. And also fun to write. πŸ˜‰

  33. I really want to see a modern fiction contest! That’s my genre of writing and I feel like there would be some really interesting submissions to that topic. πŸ™‚ Thanks for listening!

  34. I feel like all of the contests to date (that are visible, at least) support quick writes (poems and short stories), the writing of which doesn’t really require any external motivation, in the first place.

    Why not do a contest involving the submission of a novel chapter? Maybe it’s for the most intriguing main character, the most captivating prologue/first chapter, or the best action sequence. Whatever it is, I think it would be nice to see Figment step out and support the other half of its member base.

  35. What about like mysterys of school it leaves the possibility of it being scary, mystery, drama and accouple other genres. Also have it long. Would it ever be slightly possible to judge it a different way?

  36. anything really, it’s been forever since a contest. make it interesting, unique, i’ve been wanting a challenge for a while. Make it totally out of the box and well.. unique! hopefully, 2014 has got something awesome in store!

  37. It would be super awesome to do a contest where the entries supported awareness for some kind of cause they feel strongly about.

  38. So glad more contests are coming! I haven’t been on for awhile, but I got on today and the first thing I looked for was the current contest going on. I was disappointed that there weren’t any, but immediately relieved when I saw this!

  39. More contests based on judges reading all entries than hearts. because hearts aren’t based on writing skill really. I love all your contests but once hearts are involved I don’t enter because I never have a chance. I’m sure other figs might feel the same. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  40. I would like a contest where the mind goes off into a love story yet a tragic end happens. Something along those lines please. I haven’t entered any contests and I want to. I am scared that no one will read my writings though cause I am not popular, but please make a contest where love meets tragic ending or something along those lines. Thank you πŸ™‚

  41. It would be great to see contests with cash or gift card prizes. Not just free books or tote bag prizes. It would be nice to see the end of contests that are ‘heart’ based and instead are read and judged by the slush pile readers of RH on merit.

    At a certain point, it became quite clear that the contests on Figment were no longer really bringing out the best writing and were just the ones that were heart swapped to death.

    Contests in various genres would be great.

  42. Contests with more free books, some cash prizes, gift cards to Barnes and Noble or Amazon that are more than 10 dollars, and publishing opportunities. I like the short story contests, but there should be a longer word limit than just a thousand words. There should be more fandom fanfiction contests, where you can win fandom swag. Those were really popular and many people entered those fanfiction contests.

  43. Would love an autobiography(not of real people) contest such as autobiography of a haunted house or maybe a poetry, a website, chocolate wrapper and so on…

  44. I would love to see some longer length contests (30min+) or even some short contests that we’ve seen in the past.

    I hope RH has been looking at the suggestions for all the figment members thoughts on the heart based contests. We have a lot of ideas to change the contests to make them more fair, and less of a “who can swap more” contest.

    One of my favorite ideas is limiting the numbers of hearts you can give stories in the same contest. For example, if you ‘heart’ five stories in the same contest that is it. If you want to heart another story in the contest you must first ‘unheart’ one from another story. That way, people will actually heart things they like, and not just for a swap.


  45. A collaborative writing contest could be fun. As in a contest of books written by multiple people or something like that πŸ™‚

  46. You should do a mermaid-related contest or one that involves writing a poem about a specific thing or kind of thing. (ie: fandoms, angels, Benedict Cumberbatch)

  47. A winter contest, a fanfiction contest for Divergent, The Hunger Games, or Legend, A novel contest, like maybe nanowrimo in the spring or soemthing…

  48. I would love to see more comments where the reading is not judged by the amount of “favorites” or “hearts.” There are so many people on this site who deserve to win who have just gotten lost in the shuffle. The Requiem contest is an excellent example.

  49. I would like to see more writing contests that do not envolve hearts. Hearts are not a fair way of finding a winner because it is all popularity with the people involved, not the stories. I do like the contests that have celebrity authors choose a winner. Those have a more fair chance of winning.

    Thank you.

  50. you should do a contest on a short essay writing. IT SHOULD be about fantasy and magic because we all want 2014 to be magical!

  51. I would like to see more contests about zombies or faeries (fairies.) Contests with action or love. Something that seems fun but weird.

  52. I would love to see more contests that are judged by people, and are not based on hearts, only because heart contests become a popularity contest. Contests that are judge allow the best piece to win.

  53. I would like to see more contests where all work submitted is judged anonymously and not heart-based (the user is anonymous until the judges pick and have to identify who the winner is). I’d also like to see more creative contests with advice or critique from published authors (like the Nicholas Sparks contest).

  54. I think a good topic would be to write about mental illness because a lot of people don’t know much about them. I’ve read two books where the main character had a mental illness and they were interesting!

  55. I think it would be cool if you did a contest where people have to write a story in 1000 words or less about somebody getting their heart broken by the one they love.

  56. I think that we should have a short story contest where people use their favorite band/artist as a main or supporting character. It would be funny to hear stories like that. Ex: The day BeyoncΓ© got gas.

  57. Hey, we should have a non-heart-based contest where the entries get read! I would enter a lot more contests if they weren’t so often based on a writer’s ability to promote.

  58. I will really like if you ask us to write about a person who is sitting on a chair in the middle of an empty white room, with nothing around.

    What are the thoughts of that person?

    Make us, the writers, come up with something. I don’t know.

    Have a nice day!

  59. I really like contests that have to do with high school themes, kind of like homecoming. But also like high school romances. Another thing that can be made a really interesting contest is horror, I mean some people on here really know how to write stories that will make shivers run down your spine.

  60. I’d love a non-heart based contest. I know it’s a lot of work, but I think the pay-off is really spectacular. I’d also love to do another set of poetry contests. We did one about two years ago I think and it was one of my favorite Figment Contest experiences.

  61. I would like to see a contest where people have to write a book with over 100 chapters. and 4 parts. I would totally be in that one. The end point would have to be the end of the year though.

  62. A utopian writing contest. We’ve all read our weight in books about dystopias, but I wonder how well some of our talented Fig-writers would handle describing a Utopia.

  63. I would love it if Figment did a short-story contest! It could be about any topic, like winter, friends, or choice. Short story contests are the best.

  64. As a middle school teacher, I would love to see a contest for short stories originated from “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” in 2014. What a great way to keep this wonderful story going, as well as give framework to young authors’ story writing.

  65. I would really love it (and I’m sure a lot of other people would too!) if we no longer had heart-based contests. That way everyone who doesn’t have time to swap will have an equal chance to win.

  66. Hello Figment admin!
    I would love to see a contest relating to major upcoming television episodes such as BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who, both of which are promising big things to come. A contest where we write our prediction of the next episode’s content would be really fun!

  67. Hello Figment admin!
    I would love to see a contest relating to major upcoming television episodes such as BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who, both of which are promising big things to come. A contest where we write our prediction of the next episode’s content would be really fun!

  68. Personally. I think there should be weekly writing prompts, with minimal prizes, and there should be a higher chance of winning. (Ex: 3 winners chosen) That way, the figment community will become more involved than ever! Thank you for reading, over and out. ~APG

  69. A greater emphasis on non-heart-based contests would be wonderful πŸ˜€ And let’s not forget those author-hosted contests (like the Lauren Oliver one from last spring). Whatever you guys come up, I’ll be excited for, so wow me! (:

  70. I would like to say that I am thrilled to have contests back!And I would very much love to see a contest about lgbt, gender/sexual orientation. Its something that a lot of us have in common and the more lgbtq material that gets out there, the more closed minded and sceptical people might start to open up, and see that all humans should be treated equally.


  71. Please just no more heart contests!!!
    For the love of everything that is literary and pure in this world, please judge us by quality and not popularity!

    Other than that, I personally would love to see poem contests or song contests. Or even competitions with multiple rounds where two writers are pitted one “against” the other and the one with the best story/poem goes forth!

  72. Hey!! I would like to see something really in the dark romance or mentally insane category! that would be fun!

  73. I love to see flash fiction contests that do not require voting by members. Those are fun and really challenge your writing and editing skills. They also do not require networking to win.

  74. I would LOVE to see another (or many, many, many!!!) Harry Potter contests! I just love the story so much, and J.K Rowling’s character depth provides a lot of potential side stories!

  75. There should be a flash fiction dystopian contest, where we have to write a dystopian flash fiction piece in however many words. The dystopian world would have to be one that we create ourselves.

  76. Just brainstorming here, but I think that a great idea for a contest would be to have everyone re-write their favorite stories so that the hero is the villain.
    An example is, maybe Harry Potter is the evil wizard, or Sherlock is the serial killer.
    I think that it would be very interesting to see how people came up with different ways of turning the good guys evil.

  77. This may have been already done, If it has please don’t leave mean comments about it, it’s just an idea, okay. So, my idea for a contest is a short story about the future, I don’t mean technology I mean write your future, except more dramatic, maybe it’s a bad idea, I don’t care because I think it’s a great idea! Please, no one leave rude comments, and I don’t mean, just this comment I mean any comment…ever!

  78. A fantasy contest of some sort…
    And no more heart contests! Those aren’t always fair considering that some users “swap” with others. It should be based on the writing and not the user’s popularity.

  79. 1)Best Distopia story
    2)another quote contest
    3)The most imaginative fairy tale
    4)best sencory poem
    5)the story with the most funny pun jokes
    6)the oddest love story
    7)make a bad situation seem funny or glad
    8)a point of veiw as a million dallors
    9)a candy shop of irregular candy
    10)story of an enemys veiw

  80. I agree. No more heart-based contests. I would love to see more poetry contests. I am more likely to enter contests when the prize is free books or publication of the winning entry.

  81. Please, please, PLEASE make your contests international! It’s disheartening to read “this contest is open to legal residents of the fifty states …” The world doesn’t start and end at the borders of the US, you know.

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