Figment Favs of 2013!

This week we’re featuring our favorite books of the year. We challenge you to tell us what your favorite Figment stories were in 2013!

Reply using #Figment2013 and your fav stories might be featured in our next Newsletter!

11 thoughts on “Figment Favs of 2013!

  1. Wait, do we reply with our own stories?! If so, The Summer of Star is my #Figment2013 favorite, and if not, it’s Parlors and Princesses by sisilovessyou!

  2. #Figment2013

    Two of my favorites are “Into the Dark Forest” by Calamityonyx, and “Fire and Ice” by quietpersistance.

  3. #Figment2013

    Is this how you do it?

    Anyways, I have some.

    “The Unexpected” by Mya Wood.

    “Treasured” by Anna M. Watson

    “Nattie and Finn” by Anande Sjoden

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