Top Five New Year’s Resolutions

Have you decided what your New Year’s Resolution is yet? Here are our top 5 suggestions that will start you off on the right foot!

1. Read More

We all do it. We waste precious moments in our day doing other activities when we could be reading instead; like eating and sleeping. Here’s to a new year and finding more time to read!

2. Help Others

We challenge you to perform Random Acts of Kindness this year and donate books to your local library. Also try setting a goal of performing at least one every week! Here are some excellent suggestions from

3. Write More

Is there a better feeling than not being able to type fast enough to get all of your thoughts out in a story? Knock out two resolutions at once and write more to help others read more this year! Yes, we know we are geniuses. Thank you.

4. Manage Stress

There are too many factors in life that can be stressful; relationships, school, waiting for the next book in a series. We suggest planning ahead with To Do lists!

5. Learn Something New

Some of your favorite books may contain deeper meanings than what meets the eye(s). One of the most important lessons to learn in The Hunger Games is; it’s okay to step down and lose a battle. In the end, it might just mean winning the war. Try broadening your horizons more this year with what you are reading. May the odds be ever in your favor…[Gooooodbye!]

What are your goals for the New Year? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

– The Figment Team

11 thoughts on “Top Five New Year’s Resolutions

  1. a wonderful opportunity was presented to me by a fellow fig. she collaborated withthe composers for relief (to help the phillipines) album to have each of the songs have a short story written. all the money made by the album and the ebook collecting all the stories together goes to charity. the album can be found on itunes and amazon.

  2. My goal is to publish my series of books. I have 125 thousand words in book one, but that’s without edits. My second book isn’t as far but it’s getting there. I hope to have at least 3 if not 4 books done by 2015!

  3. Mine is to “finish something.” I have so many starts, but no finishes. I want to complete a book, or at least I want to outline an epic I’m planning on writing. Finishing something would be quite an accomplishment.

  4. No, the most important lesson in the Hunger Games is that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that most rebellions — while they’re necessary — usually end in another line of dictators and a bunch of dead people, and it also paralleled/mimicked/was similar, as far as world-building and such, to Ancient Rome.

  5. My New Year’s resolutions this year are the following:

    1. read a lot more (I’m planning on reading 80 books at least)

    2. focus more on school

    3. read my Bible before I do anything else

    4. ask God to give me wisdom everyday

    5. help someone everyday

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