Welcome Buzzers!

Everyone please join us in welcoming the amazing group from Random Buzzers!

Buzzers, WELCOME to our family! Similar to your previous place of residency, Figment offers the same great content, social interactions, and access to authors that you found on Random Buzzers. And now you’ll have an even bigger community of authors and readers to interact with!

Also, look forward to new contests coming this month!

Any questions? Let us know!

– The Figment Team

14 thoughts on “Welcome Buzzers!

  1. I like Figment; it a great writing website. However, I don’t think it (in its current form) is comparable to Random Buzzers. Random Buzzers was more focused on reading and reviewing, which I really liked. So, although I do like Figment, I miss Random Buzzers. It would be great if the reviewing and BuzzStore aspects of Random Buzzers could be worked into Figment. (please 🙂 )

  2. It’s sad a month went by with no comments to this posting. Worse yet, I know nothing about the Random Buzzers.

    It would be much easier to welcome this group if there was a link – anything to let us Figment folk learn more.

    At any rate, WELCOME Buzzers.

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