What is your favorite genre to write about?

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18 thoughts on “What is your favorite genre to write about?

  1. My favorite is fantasy, because I feel like a whole new person, submerging myself into the depths of somewhere other than reality.
    I accidentally hit dystopian, however. But that isn’t too bad either XD

  2. Romance. Romance is a classic theme of literature. There’s something about love that could knit beautiful words together. A love story could still be longed remembered after putting it down. Love is something that humanity is compelled to cry and smile about in every way.

  3. I typically write a combination of soft sci-fi, psychological themes, fantasy,M/M, and comedy. I love writing about superheroes, though. I’m surprised short stories and LGBT irks weren’t included as categories.

  4. Probably Horror or Thriller/Suspense. I like to add scary ideas to my stories, and most end up falling into thriller/suspense or horror.

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