What is your favorite type of YA character?

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15 thoughts on “What is your favorite type of YA character?

  1. I voted vampires. I would like to add the caveat “when done right,” with right being “really freaking dangerous.” Not sparkly.

  2. I’m afraid my favorite type of YA character isn’t even a choice: humans. Whatever happened to not-fantasy, non-cliche, realistic characters?

    • Thank you! I expected this to be *about* characters who are young adults, and was prepared to choose between, I dunno, various character profiles or something. The YA genre isn’t just about fantasy creatures or paranormal romance, jeez.

      • Agreed. I had to double check that the pool wasn’t called “What’s your favorite type of YA FANTASY character” Why don’t they include Non-fantasy/paranormal character types?

  3. Tis a sad day when it is implied that fantasy and supernatural creatures are owned by the Young Adult genre. And that humans are not a type of character in YA stories. Also, that characters in YA stories can be pinned down to a few specifics.

  4. I choose werewolves, I really love werewolves. Cause I do know one, if you know the right people. You know. So can’t tell their name, later

  5. I wish more folks here were familiar with eastern philosophers/students such as Nagarjuna, Dogen, Huang Po, and They add an entirely new facet to this Especially when interpreted while considering Then the mind/body dualism disappears, and the nature of self is more When he says "’You are Burt’ is the same as ‘You are you’", it’s a circular and nonsensical What is this "you" being referred to, the name, the body, the mind? We still really haven’t said "It could have been false that you are is still nonsense to There’s no reason to believe that disembodied minds can exist, and if you weren’t Burt you’d be someone else, and we would have started with a completely different So much of philosophy seems to me like making up completely unnecessary

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