[POLL] Have you ever felt out of place or struggled to fit in?

In celebration of the new release, Tyrant’s Daughter we have a new poll! Answer the question below and let us know if you struggle to fit in.

Tyrant's Daughter

24 thoughts on “[POLL] Have you ever felt out of place or struggled to fit in?

  1. I admire you people who say fitting in is overrated, I think that too, but I always feel so social awkward because when I don’t fit in… its very uncomfortable. I commend you brave souls! I thought that up until 6th grade! I try to be different, but being different in my school is being VERY different sadly

    • I admire VERY different. I AM VERY DIFFERENT!!! YAY!!!! You’ll find where you’re comfortable, and that’s where you fit 🙂 That’s not necessarily fitting in because fitting in implies some sort of social norm being achieved, but it’s fitting for you.

  2. It really depends on the situation. I’m starting to fit in more because I’m just being me and more accepting of others. I’m in grade 6 and 11, so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. I find this poll both stupid and ironic. Ironic, because most of the people who said ‘fitting in is overrated’ probably turned around and wrote a Twilight Fan-fic. Stupid, because of course everyone struggles to fit in, because everyone is a unique individual. No two people are alike. Normal doesn’t exist in people, it’s just a cycle on the washing machine.

    • Actually, I chose ‘fitting in is overrated’ and I hate Twilight (not to mention I have never written a fan-fic, I prefer to write my with own characters rather than use someone else’s).
      But other than that, I agree with you. I have said many times that normal doesn’t mean anything, and that all people are different.
      I used to try to fit in all the time, and always felt awkward when I failed, but eventually (even if it took some time) I stopped. I realized that I am VERY different from people I tried to fit in with and that I didn’t actually WANT to be like them anyway. Of course, I can’t speak for the rest of the people who chose the same answer as I did.

      “Always remember you are unique, just like everybody else.” I forgot who said that, but I like that quote.
      (p.s. nice throwing the washing machine in there. Clever.)

    • Wow really? This poll is sort of bad… And some of the comments are even worse. Not yours. Yours isn’t terrible (but for the twilight fanfic part) I chose fitting in is overrated because that’s what I believe. Not because I don’t interact. Not because I don’t fit SOMEWHERE. I fit with me, myself, and I and if I have to be someone else to be with you well you can just leave me alone. I made friends BECAUSE I chose to think that fitting in is overrated, and they’re the best friends I could ever wish to have.

      So anyone out there who seems to have some idea of what fitting in is overrated really means, come talk to me because, in my opinion, no one’s nailed the definition yet.

  4. You people who say “fitting in is overrated”… I’m sure some of you think that way, but most of you are trying to be “cool” even via a poll about FITTING IN. I try to think that way, but it’s really hard, so I’m sorry but I just don’t see how so many people can think that way.

  5. For the record, fitting in is not overrated. Human interaction is just a fact of life. And for those people who say fitting in is overrated, well, your just making life harder for yourself. I don’t fit in, but it’s not because I’m not trying or I think it’s overrated. It’s just that I’m a very shy, quiet person, and quite frankly, I don’t understand half of what people say.

    • Ahem. I think it’s overrated. Fitting in being overrated does not in any way mean that you shun social interaction. That’s a ridiculous assumption to jump to. I don’t fit in anywhere and I think it’s overrated because no one really fits in with everyone. “Fitting in” is a relative term and it’s different for everyone who thinks about it. I am rather opinionated, crazy, loyal to a fault and overemotional and my friends wouldn’t have it any other way. So guess what? I DON’T “fit in” and anyone who says you should force yourself to fit in are the ones who are making life harder for themselves. Just because I say that fitting in is overrated doesn’t mean I’m a sociopath jeez…

  6. Is it struggling to fit in, or is it struggling to stick out? Knowing a couple personal peers of mine, they’d rather “stick out” then “fit in.”

    I, personally, am kind of bipolar when it comes to this topic. It’s natural to feel the need to fit in sometimes (we’re humans), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to. At least, this goes for me.

  7. Okay you don’t have to be friends with everyone and you shouldn’t change yourself to fit in, but trust me: not fitting in SUCKS! In classes without seating plans you’re constantly sitting alone or struggling to find a seat because everyone wants to sit with their friends. So yeah, I don’t care about being crazily popular and changing to fit in, but fitting in is not overrated. You need to fit in with someone!

    • I totally agree and you do have to fit in with someone and I know how it feels to not fit in because I still don’t and I don’t believe in changing myself to fit in either you are supposed to be who you are no matter what be yourself and don’t let other people tell you who to be because that’s controlling and its not right.

    • I disagree. I don’t technically “fit” anywhere. I didn’t fit with ANYONE for a very long time, but I was myself and eventually you find someone who likes you for you. You do realize you’re contradicting yourself right? You keep saying that you shouldn’t change to fit in but you also say that you HAVE to fit in… Well, for a lot of people, that comes off as “if I don’t fit in this second well fine I might as well completely change to fit in with them (insert random clique here). Honestly, if you don’t fit anywhere, make your own little group. People will come to you.

  8. I think everyone struggles to fit in at sometimes especially in high school and middle school, we all want to be excepted, but maybe that’s where we go wrong we don’t need to fit in if everyone is equal as for the way they look I don’t think that anyone should be bullied because they look different or they have glasses or because they are overweight, its not fair but I guess that’s our society.



  10. this is such a writer’s site! We’re all introverts, and it shows in the number of people who said they don’t fit in. But hey, we all fit in with each other!

  11. I love that we are a bunch of nerdy writers, and only, like, 30 people actually thought they fit in very well.

    I repeat: We are WRITERS. It’s our job to not fit in!

    And I’ll happily stand by my fellow misfits!

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