[POLL] What time of day do you prefer to write?

21 thoughts on “[POLL] What time of day do you prefer to write?

  1. During class and at night. I keep my notebook in my binder, and I usually whip it out when I get bored and want to work on my ideas.

  2. I’m torn between during school and at night i get most of my ideas during school but when im able to put them down on paper is usually at night time

  3. I prefer to write at night or on the weekends. Because Then my two younger siblings will be in bed and my mom and dad will be watching tv in their room so I can be all by myself.

  4. It’s weird with me. Usually, I think of a great idea at school and can’t wait to start writing it once I get home but I have to do homework first and, by then, I’ve lost interest.

    • I agree! So what I do is always have a piece of paper to write down my ideas during class, and then do some quick elaboration before homework. Usually helps me hold interest!

  5. I usually wake myself up in the middle of the night, when I’m half asleep to think and even record my dreams before they get too far out of reach, because by morning…
    there’s no way I would have time for that. Too much to do.

  6. I get my ideas during class and then at night actually put it into writing. Normally my ideas from class grow into much more at night ^_^

  7. That’s an easy question… All of the above!

    If I have time to think or at least process words, which is all of the time, I WILL write.

    I guess in certain places and at certain times, some are better than others (pros and cons), but I love all of the moments equally. Why? I’m doing what I love…

  8. I just happen to get my ideas at the worst times. Like in school, when I can’t write them down because I have to pay attention or else I’m going to fail my really important test, or at night, when I have to go to bed so I can wake up not tired so I can pay attention in school so I don’t fll asleep and fail my really important, half-of-your-grade, test.

    So, yeah.

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