Fairy Tale told by Facebook Figgies!

Since yesterday was Tell a Fairy Tale Day, we decided to have some of our talented Figgies do just that on Facebook! We started the tale off with the classic, “Once upon a time…” and asked you to continue the story, one line at a time. The story is complete with a damsel in distress, a heroic Prince and many, many twists including a jealous husband and excellent advice for posting on Facebook!

If you’d like to check out talented people who added to this adventure, click here to view each of their posts!

Check out the final product and feel free to continue the story in the comments below!

Once upon a time,
There was a girl with a special gift.
Her mother had given it to her on her wedding day.
Now, she stood at the top of the staircase and gazed down at her newest creation.
Then her husband pushed her down and stole the present.
But with a great burst of light, it disappeared and returned to the girl, for it was hers and hers alone to keep.
Then an evil man attacked her and took the gift from her.
An eagle swooped in to save the girl!
But her husband, full of envy saw nothing but the gift. He reached for it again, but then the light shone…
A fairy as tall as her wardrobe appeared at the bottom of the stairs and told her to never let the present fall into the wrong hands, or great danger would befall the kingdom.
She turned the gift over and examined it carefully in her trembling hands; it was square with a shimmering cloth covering all sides that seemed a different color from every angle.
Its beauty and mystery sparked a memory in the back of her mind, and ghost images danced throughout the room to unheard music.
This was the key to changing the future of her kingdom, she realized.
The girl watched in amazement as the images floated by. Her husband was just as amazed, however, greed once again became too much. He slowly walked towards her…
So, she took off, away from her husband and tried to find the King, to tell him of the key to changing the Kingdom.
While racing through the forest, she heard singing coming from the trees.
And that was when the box spoke to her for the first time.
It told her that in order to save the Kingdom she must…
…Teach classes on how to read comments sequentially and proofread one-sentence-long comments before posting.
Insightfully, she followed its advice and posted properly on Facebook.
Then she had to kill the…
…large dragon that protected the forests.
But she didn’t have any weapons!
It was an epic battle! Once she found the dragon, of course, and a Prince to help her (or distract the dragon), it thoroughly enjoyed the rare Prince meat.
And so she ran even faster because now she had two things to tell the King.
She decided to hide the box with magic and the only person capable of doing so was a…
…”Why do my memories escape me?” They streaked through her subconscious. She tried to reach them but they slipped through her fingers.
She was told to keep it, as a tool and secret, until the day came when the cloth turned to dust.
She collapsed into an unwanted dream. Swirling images cascaded through her meddled mind as long-forgotten memories appeared: Waterfall; Madame Le Fleur; Crowthorn Castle.
“I don’t know whatever happened to my shoe…”
She locked the images away in a mental prison and pursued, despite her past, now was not the time to get distracted.
At long last, before the castle of ivory and gilded windows, she strode into the King’s lavish abode – gift in hand – and headed towards the spires that dipped into the heavens.
They stretched like toffee, sweet and sticky, coating itself around her brain and, shaking her head back and forth to rid herself of the buzzing thoughts, bits of past broke off and found themselves in her eyes.
The king was not expecting her presence but that of his son’s, who was now bubbling in the depths of the dead dragon’s stomach.
He drew his fathers sword as he was about to face the obsidian, fire breathing dragon. He was in the garden of evil, and was about to face his seven fears to get out…
When the princess cleared her mind, poking up from the depths of her nightmare, she realized that in order to save the prince it was simple… she only had to….
…Use her new found wits that she had received from her special gift to save her long lost brother. Figuring out that was the true problem.
A long time ago, she had thought it was the men who were brave, but it was the other way around.

…To be continued in the comments below!

Thanks to the Facebook Figgies who helped create this story!

– The Figment Team

11 thoughts on “Fairy Tale told by Facebook Figgies!

  1. For really, women can be just as strong as men. She gripped the magical gift tightly in her arms as light birth forth from the box once more and…

  2. …with as much composure and grace as she could, she tried to wield the gift, but alas, she was still yet inexperienced.

  3. She looked closely and noticed a carving in the solid gold side. It looked like some kind of picture clue. The engraving was…

  4. Shakily, she popped one of her ever-present cinnamon pop-tarts into the magical kitchen appliance and then…

  5. Two pieces of sparkling toast popped out of the toaster and landed on the ground at her feet. The pieces of toast began shooting off bits of light as the toast changed into…

  6. It changed into a Gold dragon and struck down the Evil black dragon. it then breathed life back into the remains of the prince and slowly the prince was healed

  7. …rewritten again. However, the girl fell in love with the newly-healed prince and they lived happily ever after.

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