Flower Stories and Bookmarks!

Spring will be here soon! Start preparing early and learn how to create these bookmarks made out of real flowers. Hopefully we can find some after shoveling all of this snow…

If you make your own style of bookmarks, tweet it to us @Figment and show us a picture! We’ll be retweeting!

If you are dealing with nasty weather, one of the best forms of escapism is reading about good weather. Here are some of our favorite stories about flowers recently updated from Figgies like yourself!

  • Flowers by Kiersten Hartrim – “What happens to all the unwanted flowers.”
  • Flowers by R. M. Morris-Fischer – “A poem describing how I know some people feel, including myself sometimes.”
  • Flowers by Lizzy Holiman – “A lady’s imprisonment in a dungeon tower, and how she waits for her day of judgement.”
  • Flower by Cosette – “This is a story about a girl in a park.”
  • Flowers by Tapdancer – “I wrote this poem for my mom on Valentine’s Day (that morning was when I wrote it). I hope you like it, because it made my mom cry”

What are your favorite Spring-related stories/books to read?

– The Figment Team

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