Figment Powers Winners!

Congratulations to the following people and stories for winning the Figment Powers contest!

We want to thank you ALL (over 200 of you!) for submitting your stories. We had a lot of fun reading through them. Check back next week for a BRAND NEW contest!

Altered Perception by Elise Renée

The Images Inside by Jen

Unspoken Words by Jessi Elliot

Thinking Of You by sageismyname

Listen by Kelly Wring

Mind Games by shelbi carpenter

My Curse by Jennifer Stemmer

Torrent by Selena

I Can Hear You by Kat Renee Horan

Burden by Euphemia “Effie” Blythe

Do you have any contest recommendations/suggestions for us? Let us know in our new thread!

-The Figment Team

4 thoughts on “Figment Powers Winners!

  1. Awesome! Wow thank you so much! This is the first time I’ve won a contest! Will I need to be looking at my email for shipping info for the book “Don’t Even Think About It.” or how does that work? Thank you so much!!

  2. Wow! I am so excited that I won! And I loved reading all of the other entries that I could.
    Thank you guys so much!
    I’ve got the same question about the shipping thing 😛

    Thanks again,


  3. Just like them, I was wondering about how I was going to receive the book. Thank you for choosing my writing as a winner! It is my first figment contest to win!

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