[POLL] What is your favorite genre to write about?

19 thoughts on “[POLL] What is your favorite genre to write about?

  1. Not very shocked to see that fantasy has won over everything…I mean why wouldn’t it?! Everyone loves fantasy and it’s just irresistible. But I was surprised to see the different types of genres that I have never even heard of that people actually write about. Happy to have learned something new today.

  2. fantasy to the full

    i love fantasy and i think it is the best genre

    fantasy is a wonderful genre containing goblins and fairies

    so fantasy is my vote

    • Not at all. Fantasy can be a little… I almost want to say dry, because it seems like theres no good reason for things happening. I can’t really get into it.

      • I agree w/ Amy.

        Fantasy is okay, but I think it’s all in the name. I like stories that are realistic-like (which is why I’m in love with fictional books), because it makes the book come more to life I guess. Fantasy isn’t bad, it’s just not my favorite.

        My favorite genre? Honestly, it’s one big tie between multiple genres… how in the world can someone simply pick ONE genre as their favorite?

  3. Go poetry! I’m surprised at how many younger people write it! That is amazing and encouraging! Go poetry *thinking of word…* geeks? nerds? enthusiasts?

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