Don’t worry, be happy! Vote for your fav stories!

What are your favorite stories that bringyou happiness? We’d like to pay the happiness forward by featuring some of your favorite stories on the Figment website!

Vote for your favorite stories in the comments below and we will start featuring those with the most votes!

Check out some of our favs featured on the homepage today and check back in the next few days to see if your story will be featured!

  1. Happiness by Ellie Thorsgaard
  2. Happy by Avitaille
  3. Happiness by Gwenyth Rose
  4. Happiness by iira 
  5. Happiness by Lauren Hayes

– The Figment Team

8 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be happy! Vote for your fav stories!

  1. The Last Act of Viktor Dyer by Clara Johnson. Not just cause she’s my sister, it’s a really great, hilarious, happy story. Also, Ricky, by Rose Johnson, was amazing. 🙂

  2. Kill the Clown by Zuzu is amazing, and Written in the Stars by rhcplove31 is awesome, and Alaska’s Goodbye by Kylie ripped my heart out!

  3. I liked The Unexpected by Mya Wood, as well as what’s written of its sequel The Expectation and the Reality.

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