Top Figment Stories!

Have you read some of the top stories in Figment?

We have created a list of the top hearted stories in each category so while you’re deciding what to read next, this is a great place to start! Let us know in the comments what stories you think should be on it!

What your favorite story featured in the homepage? Visit the forums and let us know!

– The Figment Team

3 thoughts on “Top Figment Stories!

  1. I really fail to see how heading over to the forums will help, as you guys seem to ignore all of the advice/comments/ideas/opinions/suggestions. I’m just saying.

  2. I honestly don’t think hearts alone should be taken into account when deciding on “the best fiction” on Figment. Hearts without genuine reviews are meaningless. Many younger writers on Figment shamelessly swap hearts with each other without any real consideration. I am always wary of any story whose heart count greatly exceeds their combined comment/review count.

    That is why I believe you should reformat the system so that hearts/emotions cannot be posted onto somebody’s work unless they are accompanied by a review of at least 100 characters.

    I hope you will please take that suggestion into consideration. Thank you.

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