We need your help!

Hey Figgies,

We need your help! Let us know in the comments what suggestions or changes you would like to see in the near future with Figment!

Examples might include:

  • Website features
  • Contests
  • Prizes
  • Social Media accounts ie: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, additional accounts you’d like us to have?
  • Quizzes/Polls
  • Forums
  • The Daily Fig
  • Library
  • Your writing features
  • Etc….!

Please let us know what changes you would like to see made. We will be reading through ALL of them and appreciate all of your feedback!

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

– The Figment Team

86 thoughts on “We need your help!

  1. When it comes to groups, we should be able to deleat them if they dont get any members or if all members leave… People get stuck with groups they dont want or nobody joins.

  2. Contest suggestions
    -no more random contests because it feels unfair and like a waste of time
    -no more random featuring of recently updated stories beyond the “recently updated” category on the homepage
    -contests that let you win actual prizes of homepage features again
    Website suggestions
    -ribbons that can go on our profiles or stories for when we win/have won contests
    -rating system for stories that can be used in sorting when browsing stories
    -letting us check more than 2 categories for published works
    -a better browsing system that lets you search for more key words, sort by complete/incomplete, by rating, etc.

    • I really like the idea that if you win a contest you get something on your page, so that it’s known that you won.

  3. Another thing:
    -contest for more than 500 words, like another 2000 word, heart-based contest–It’s spring break time, so I know a lot of us can handle it right now.

    • Ugh I hate heart based though. The longer contest sounds really nice! But heart based just turns into a popularity contest. And then there’s the people just saying “hey I’ll heart yours if you heart mine.”

    • Heart based? Too much can go wrong, people will think they didn’t win because they suck if they don’t get enough hearts. We don’t need that kind of negativity.

  4. I think it would be really beneficial to have a figment app. I dont always have my laptop with me and I want to write, i think i would you figment a lot more if there was an app. If there already is and i just havent managed to find it, please let me know, but i have been scouring the app store since i got a figment account.

  5. I think it would be really beneficial to have a figment app. I dont always have my laptop with me and I want to write, i think i would use figment a lot more if there was an app. If there already is and i just havent managed to find it, please let me know, but i have been scouring the app store since i got a figment account.

  6. Well, first of all, I totally agree with Isabel. A contest with the prize of publication would be really wonderful.
    Other ideas:
    -when I go on my profile, I can only ever see the last two reviews I wrote. This isnΒ΄t really a big problem, but it would be cool to be able to see all the reviews I wrote.
    -Maybe there could be more tips and resources for actually getting published?
    -it would be pretty cool if you offered Figment internships πŸ˜›

  7. I think that figment should have an app. Also, it would be super cool if there were more contests! Otherwise I completely love figment!

  8. NO MORE HEART BASED CONTESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People should focus on writing good stories, not writing a story as quickly as possible and publishing it ASAP and pestering as many people as possible to heart it. I’ve read sooo many stories in past heart-based contests that I thought were better than the winning stories, but because they didn’t have many hearts, they didn’t even get judged.

    More tips on publishing would be FANTASTIC, too, and maybe resources for writers wanting to publish a book, like a list of reliable publishers and agents accepting submissions.

  9. Personally, I’d like contests with actual prizes to come back to the site (a homepage feature is rather dull, especially considering that the site has lost a lot of activity since last year), and I wouldn’t say no to one or two heart-based contests. True, they’re complained about a lot, but as long as there’s a relatively decent balance between heart-based contests and contests read in full by the Figment team, I think that would be okay. Besides, heart-based contests tend to have longer word limits, and I’m really tired of trying to cram every contest entry into a mere 400 or 500 words. 1,200 or more would be a vast improvement.

    Seeing more partnerships with authors for contests would be wonderful, of course, and I wouldn’t say no to some of the author advice articles that used to be in the Daily Fig. Those were far more interesting than all these polls and quizzes that really serve no purpose except to keep me from being bored for two minutes.

    In short, I suppose I’d just like to see more contests with real prizes and more author interaction. Homepage variety beyond the recently updated would be pleasing, and maybe a private messaging system could be considered.

    • Hi Valerie! Our last few contests have been to win a new book. We would love to hear your feedback on additional prizes you would like to see. Thank you!

  10. Random contests, while I realize they are easier for staff, take away from the excitement and the meaning in writing. I know you’ve already been told all that, since many are upset, but I have a suggestion that may still be easier for staff and satisfy Figment users. I just want to make it clear that I do not want this idea to be like the heart contests though.

    Instead of sweepstakes (random) or popularity (heart) contests, you could set up a page where an entry pops up with either a rating scale under it or simply a thumbs up/neutral/thumbs down option (with a possibility of adding commentary?). Then Figment members can go to that page and rate/vote the stories, one at a time. The stories could be put in anonymously or not, though anonymity may make it harder for the contest to became a popularity contest (as would having only one entry pop up at a time, instead of a giant page where you could Ctrl+F the title of a piece to vote on). I don’t know if anyone else would be willing to do a little reading and a simple rating to keep it from being random, but I know I would. I don’t think the reading and rating should be a mandatory rule to submit to the contest, but I realize it may be a possibility or a necessity if no one is voting.

    I apologize for anyone who absolutely hates this and would rather take the random contests; just throwing around ideas. Any way you run a contest, it will have its flaws. I’m just hoping to reduce the possibility of them.

  11. A box to write reviews while actually reading a story would be very helpful. Sometimes, can’t remember different comments I thought of in the middle of reading someone’s story. It would be much easier to have both review and novel pages opened at the same time.

  12. Yes! An app would be amazing and much more accessible than constantly getting on Safari on my iPhone. And also, if I might just add, I believe that Figment needs to be monitored better. There is a guy that’s been commenting on popular writings, commenting on their stories so they can’t be removed. I told you guys about him yet he’s still spamming people’s works. And by reading the comments on his profile, people are not appreciating it.

    And a private messaging system would be so cool! Because then you could actually have a conversation with people and everyone wont see it on your wall, it’ll finally be private, like the two of you are actually talking in real life. One on one.

  13. Maybe we could instant message people or have some sort of thing so we know if someone is online or not. Have the contest longer then only 500 words would be great!

  14. The private message feature would be really helpful. It would be nice to send a message to a user privately instead of making it completely public on their wall. Also, in the comments section for stories I would really like if there was a “reply” option so we could reply back to a user’s individual comments. It would also be awesome if the user received a notification when we replied, similar to the features on Facebook. πŸ˜€

  15. I would really love an app! I would get a lot more reading done if I could read stories on my phone, which is with me at all times. It would be really convenient and beneficial. I’d also like to see more tips or people/businesses collab with Figment to help get us published or find a literary agent because I feel like Figment would be the place to do that. I love this site and I look forward to it growing πŸ™‚

  16. I think that there should be more writing contest and not all of them should have a win based off of hearts but off of the writing skill.

    Also I liked the daily prompts that use to be on the website because they were good for when you didn’t have anything to write.

  17. No more heart based contests! They turn into people trading stories to get hearts and they don’t give a fair chance to everyone involved. Other than that, Figment is great!

  18. I agree with the others that a figment app would be beneficial.

    Some other features that might be nice:
    – Follow individual stories
    – A rating system to help sort stories
    – Folders and the option to group works in the same series together
    – Private messaging
    – Option to put the names of more than one author on collaborated works

  19. I think that we should be able to have a “read later” list. Too many times, I’ve found a cool story I want to read, but not had the time to read it so I try to remember to read it later, but I invariably forget. So being able to keep a list of stories we want to keep track of (if we’re waiting for an update but don’t want to follow someone just to keep track of this one story) or stories that we want to read later. I don’t think that I’m the only one who wants this feature.

  20. Yes hi there.

    I really liked the Inkpop system of “Picks”.

    I can see the heart system staying, maybe, but maybe not.

    But for contest pieces, it would be nice if it was the PICKS that counted. And every user only had 5 or so, so as to prevent giving away picks and whatnot. Each person could have 5 novel, 5 short story, and 5 poems. Idrk. And maybe at the end of each month, whichever stories (not excluded to categories) with the most picks got featured on the homepage and won a prize. On inkpop, it was a review from a HC editor. Maybe not something as large-scale as that, because it would be difficult and probably costly, but maybe have the mods each review one of the pieces.

    Also, on the note of contests, it would be nice to have author involvement. Say you based a contest off of a book. Have the author of that book (along with the Figment team, of course) read the pieces and decide a winner. Then the first, second, and third place winners could maybe get a (signed?) copy of the book (again, I dunno how much this costs). First place could also get a _____ish word review on their piece, second a slightly shorter one, and third being the shortest.

    Also, having a way to pick reviews and stuff to keep at the top of your list would be nice. I don’t have a ton of reviews on my stuff, but if there are some that I want to keep up top, it would be nice to have a way to keep it from getting bumped to the bottom.

    Honestly I’m just throwing ideas out there. Even though I was on Inkpop for awhile, I’m not trying to convert Figment, jsyk.

      • Haha one more thing. With the picks, the highest ones at the end of the month could be excluded to those who did NOT use that piece to enter/win a contest.

        And I’m not saying to get rid of contest pieces that are read, w/o picks or hearts counting. But for simpler contests, maybe??

  21. Just a couple suggestions I can think of off of the top of my head:

    Be able to create a list under My Writing or My Desk of figment stories you want to read. There could be a button on each story that you could click that would save the link onto your reading list and then you could go back to it in the future.

    Have a page of writing resources. Publishing advice, character name generators, writing prompts, that sort of thing.

    A Figment app perhaps?

    Private messaging could also be helpful

  22. For those who are stuck with unpopular groups (like me), let us DELETE THEM OURSELVES, instread of relying on the site programers to do it for us….I’ve got groups that need to be deleted that I’ve requested to be deleted about two years ago, and they ARE STILL THERE!

  23. 1. Do contests more often with closer deadlines, with at least some of them not having a random winner.
    2. Make an app or a mobile site.
    3. Sponsor random users on Facebook and Twitter! That would help so many people with few followers get places on figment.
    4. Have a section specifically for when users have writer’s block (wb tips, inspiration, ideas, warmups, etc.). It would help so much.

  24. Everything Shannon said and also having an app would be amazing. I want to be able to go on figment successfully on my phone. I often can’t read the stories on my phone. And it would be great to be able to write while I’m not at home on my computer.

  25. Being new to the site it would be great if you included a section on your FAQ about swaps. I had no idea what those were when I joined. Also I would increase the length of contest submissions to 700 or 1000 words. It is really hard to write anything good in 500.

  26. I’d like to see more contests judged by actual judges, not number of hearts, cause we all know hearts really don’t mean much except that person was very busy organizing swaps.

  27. I would love to see more information on how to get published, what publishers are looking for, etc., like in articles or something on Figment. I know you have a lot of contests that include publication as the prize, but the information on how to get published (and said in such a way that most inexperienced writers/teens will understand) is limited…

  28. Being able to see when our Forum posts are responded to. Rather than digging through the Forums looking for our posts to see if anyone has replied, we get an email saying “Your Forum post titled “________” has a reply! Go check it out!” and it has a link to our post and the reply in that email.

  29. I would like to see more than one contest category. It would be fun to choose from a bunch. Like maybe each category of writing in Figment could have its own contests. Not all at once but like the Romance section would host a contest one week and the deadline would be the end of the month while another… Fantasy section would host its own in another week… I don’t know how it could be organized so that judging wouldn’t be too painful… But I think it’ll be fun.

  30. I’d just like more contests (judged on actual QUALITY of the entries), that offer greater prizes. Like, I’d like to win the Divergent Series, or the boxset of John Green Books, or The Hungergames Trilogy or just… more awesome books πŸ˜€

  31. My favorite opportunites on Figment are writing contests where they read all of the stories and decide on the best based on read not on number of hearts. More of those!!

  32. How about at least, like, once a month, you can choose five random stories from not-well-known writers and put them on the home page for, I dunno, advertising?
    Also, some contests on the religious category would be nice as well.

  33. Okay, what I think is that we can delete comments or reviews because I made a whole bunch and I would like to delete them

  34. 1. Private messaging. It’s been mentioned already, but I am again because it would be wonderful.
    2. Some longer contests, 2000 words at least.

  35. 1. Most definitely an app. I mostly go on Figment on my mobile phone, and the mobile site just doesn’t cut it. For on, I have to click on one of my stories and then click on my name to be redirected to my wall. There’s no direct link to my wall on mobile. Also, you can’t read multi-chapter stories. I have to click ‘VIEW FULL SITE’ on my phone to read them, and even then they lag and are extremely hard to read. Same with editing/creating stories.

    2. Private messaging would be amazing.

    3. More badges would be awesome.

    4. More reaction buttons would be cool.

    5. A bookmark feature, where we can bookmark a story we want to continue later but don’t want to follow that person to do so.

    6. No limit to wall posts. What I mean is, don’t have only 5 posts on your wall showing, and then have to click to read more. I’m a major swapper, so when I get a ton of swap requests to complete, I don’t want to have to go all the way down to delete a comment just to have to click through the multiple pages to get to the bottom. Yeah, that didn’t really make sense. I apologize.

    7. Notifications for your forums and groups. I’d just like to have the peace knowing something isn’t going on that I haven’t been notified about, instead of constantly rechecking.

    8. Customizable walls. It’d be cool to customize your own page, instead of doing fancy type on your bio.

    9. A side area for when you’re reviewing someone’s work. It’d be cool to have a place to jot down your ideas/critiques when reading someone’s piece instead of writing them down or opening Word.

    10. Have two grading systems: one for stories, and one for users’ comments/reviews. For the stories, maybe have a scale from 1-10 or something instead of only hearts for users to choose. For the grading of comments/reviews, maybe have the option to grade a certain person’s review/comment. If someone writes “Wow!” but nothing else, then other users can grade that. Then, maybe have a consequence for the users who don’t give thoughtful/real replies.

    11. Better moderating. There is a lot of users on here who will spam people’s walls/stories they don’t like with innapropriate things. Profanity, foul images, etc. I literally avoid certain users due to the fear of offending them and them harassing me.

    12. Maybe have a rating system for stories. Not necessarily G, PG, PG-13, etc. but something to let the reader know what audience should be reading it. There’s some pretty tough stuff on here that younger Figgies might not be ready for. I know I’m not.

    Those are the main suggestions I can think of for right now with my sleep-deprived brain. πŸ˜€

  36. Maybe you should enthuse more on books. Like have figment administrator (a funny one) rant on recently published books while introducing to us figs about their somewhat personal life, like q newspaper journalist since newspapers are dwindling in production, it’d be cool to have a somewhat newspaper-y feel.
    They should also talk about music, etc in movie adaptations of books, so we don’t entirely get a book feel.

  37. A few more simple ones than those mentioned up there:

    You know in email, how you can check a bunch of messages at once to delete? Having that on wall posts would be nice. It takes me several hours to go and clean out my wall, and it would be much simpler if I could do it with many clicks and one page reload.

    Also, could you add a “favorite music” section to the wall? Music is such an important part to just about everyone’s life, and while there are movie and TV show categories (which I rarely watch), there’s no music.

    I endorse the following previously mentioned ideas:

    – Customizable walls
    – Add pictures/more formatting to our stories themselves
    – Following specific stories, instead of only authors
    – “Read later” stories
    – Private messaging
    – Writing resource page, or perhaps more easily, links to some great writing blogs. I can say from experience that writing-questions-answered.tumblr.com should be bookmarked on every writer’s computer.

  38. Just some general thoughts:

    -Customizable profile backgrounds etc.
    -PLEASE add tragedy to the genres!!
    -Also my OCD would love it if we could have genres alphabetized! (:
    -some kind of “read later” bookshelf/area
    -A reply option to comments on my writing would be wonderful
    -private messaging!
    -If I could otherwise send stories to other users instead of having to text people about this great story and have to describe it 1,000 different ways for them to find and read it, life would be great.
    -maybe a way to “tag” users in comments if the reply option is not available
    -A “report” or “remove” comment button for thoughtless/unimportant/ignorant comments.

    Any of these would be FANTASTIC and would improve my time spent on figment (: (That rhymed)

    Thank you!!!

  39. When we favorite a story, it should go to a favorite’s list where we can check up on the story to reread it and receive updates on it. That way, we won’t have to remember who we followed to read that story or what the author’s name was so we can read the story, just in case we forgot to follow them.

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