[POLL] Have you ever written about a personal experience?

15 thoughts on “[POLL] Have you ever written about a personal experience?

  1. I’ve never written ababout a personal experience exactly but I have used personal experiences to come up with ideas for stories.

  2. My poems are based on real experiences (the most memorable one concerning a certain boy who broke my heart a while back), but my novels are purely from my own imagination.

    • That is what I do, too. Most of my poetry is based on personal experience, especially my suicide poems and some of my newer stuff about heart break and meeting my ex(boyfriend).

  3. When I was younger, that would be ALL I’d write about. I’d use characters that were caricatures in certain ways of my friends (the friends I liked more would appear nicer, the friends I liked less would end up acting like little demons) and myself (I was always fabulous, if crazy) and my crushes, their friends and their crushes and friends…. the situations would be my dreams (He loves me!) so, that was fun to share. I’m finding it a bit difficult to pull away from now but I also like trying other, new things

  4. I have written about a personal experience. But the thing is about writing those kind of things is people can make fun of you for that so you probably want to be careful what you write about.

  5. I mostly write novels and poems with the moral of a personal experience, but not so much about the personal experience itself.

  6. I often take my personal experiences and twist them in to super general and reflective stories. That are some mixture between poetry and short story.

  7. While I don’t often about what really goes on in my life, I have done writings based off my dreams I’ve had. They are a great base to work with if one can remember enough of the details.

  8. I have. For school. I HATE doing that, though. I like to write about things that could/would never happen

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