[POLL] How do you choose a book?

23 thoughts on “[POLL] How do you choose a book?

  1. What I usually do is based on the title, the summary, how many their are (In case it’s a series) and the last page of the book. I say the last page of the book because I once read a book and I stayed up till 2:30 AM just to finish it and when I did, I threw it across the room. The ending freaking SUCKED

    • I do something very similar to this. I browse titles until I find one interesting, then I look at the cover and author. If those all seem to get my attention I read the back cover/inside flap. If I still can’t make up my mind, I flip to near the end and read a paragraph or two.

      Though I am curious. What book was it that’s ending sucked? (that way I know not to read it)

          • Yes! Oh my goodness I don’t remember the last time I cried before reading Allegiant! I wanted to write Veronica Roth a VERY strongly worded email about the torment she put me through only to just do THAT. Oh it was terrible xp

      • I didn’t find the end to Allegiant sad, so much as stupid. I felt like it was sloppily put together. Although, I do seem to like it because for once something shows that we do not all get happy endings. It was simply trying to show a relativity to real life. How thing’s can be so close to perfection, but then ruined at the last second.

  2. I look at the cover usually then I read the summary. After that, I contemplate if it’s going to be a good read or not and if it’s in a series (if so, I want to know how long it’ll be).

  3. I have a jar, in the jar are lots and lots of little folded pieces of paper with book names and their authors. I pick a book out of the jar (making sure to do the Effie hand movement every time) and then I read the book I picked out. 🙂

  4. I look at the cover, if it looks interesting, I read the summary. It has to catch my attention. Then I read books recommended to me and also if there is a movie trailer I see and like and learn that there’s a book, then I will read the book. But mostly comes down to the cover.

  5. People always say don’t judge a book by the cover… but that’s kinda what the cover is there for XD

  6. I try my hardest to not judge the book by the cover because the author doesn’t have to much say in the art on the cover. This kind of ticks me off.

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