[POLL] Who is your book boyfriend?

66 thoughts on “[POLL] Who is your book boyfriend?

  1. Will Herondale should’ve been added as well. Personally I like him better than Jace, but I still picked him haha.

  2. None of the above :3 for me its Miles Halter from Looking For Alaska by John Green <3

    But Augustus is awesome too 🙂
    Also what about Isaac? He's awesome 🙂 <3

  3. There needs to be a Maggie Stiefvater option! I’d date basically any of her leading men.
    Sam, Sean, James, Gansey, they’re all the best.

  4. Prince Raoden from Elantris, simply because of his outstanding wit and charm (plus how nice he is). Though, Elend from the Mistborn trilogy is also very awesome, because he’s witty and devoted and a great ruler, and he loves books! The main male characters in any of Brandon Sanderson’s books are always very awesome and would make amazing book boyfriends. At least, that’s my opinion. 🙂 <3

  5. Artemis Fowl!!!!!!! Also Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Rudy from The Book Thief, and Eliot from Scrambled Eggs at Midnight.

  6. aahh, I wish Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices series was on here! I prefer him so much to Jace. I went for Four from Divergent, though!

  7. Totally Four! But I also loved Marcus Eastman in “The Flappers” by Jillian Larkin. But Finnick Odair would reign supreme!

  8. I think Will from The Last Song should’ve been on here the way he showed up in New York at the end!

  9. Will Herondale
    Jem Carstairs
    Aaron Warner
    Prince Ash
    Robin Goodfellow
    Percy Jackson
    Nico D’Angelo

    No one on that list.

  10. Um, hello?? Where’s Jessy Tuck?! Or Tamani??! Although… I do have a guilty pleasure for 50 Shades…

  11. There was A LOT more people that could’ve been added. If we’re talking vampires I wouldn’t have minded someone a little more hardcore, like Lestat from the vampire chronicles. Or Magnus and Alec (they are do CUTE!). And I’m just saying, Eric Northman from the True Blood series…

    It was a tough choice for me between Four, Augustus and Jace, but Four was just too beautiful. The same coolness as Jace but without that massive asshole element.

  12. Normally don’t comment on these things but I had to object. Seriously, no classics??????? I at least expected Mr. Darcy, because y’all are pretty good about including P&P. Personally, though, I prefer Mr. Knightley.

    Oh, and Sydney Carton. I have a very very slight (and by slight I mean HUGE) obsession with Sydney Carton. *sigh*

  13. I’m sure most people won’t know who I’m talking about, but my book boyfriend is definitely Dhiren (Ren) Rajaram from the Tigers series by Colleen Houck 🙂

  14. I guess Dean Holder isn’t all that popular if he’s only gotten three votes so far. I’ve never even heard of him, but now I almost feel bad for not giving the poor guy my vote…

  15. I wouldn’t vote for any of them. Now, if Iggy (from Maximum Ride) was up there that would be a totally different story.

  16. Are they trying to kill me? It’s like asking a mother to choose between her children. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do this month.

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