If you had a supernatural boyfriend or girlfriend, what type of creature would it be?

30 thoughts on “If you had a supernatural boyfriend or girlfriend, what type of creature would it be?

  1. Oooooooooo I like this question. I would love for my boyfriend to be an angel. I adoreeeeeeeee angels and their wings are beautiful. If you have angels in your stories, I will probably swap for them haha.

  2. Um hello? Dragon boyfriend please! I mean he could take you for romantic rides through the clouds AND HE BREATHES FIRE! You guys can keep your elves and vampires, my boyfriend will turn them into sparkly s’mores and gobble them up without a second thought. Ah man, now I really want a dragon boyfriend I could tell my teacher that my boyfriend burned my homework, and if s/he’s like “yeah right” then I’ll just call him over and introduce him… pretty sure I’m excused when she sees my boyfriend is a dragon. Oh wow I got way too into this but this is a cool poll, however it’s crazy that elves and vampires would beat dragons… well it’s their choice.

  3. Totally and elf. They are basically hot,flying, beautiful creatures with magical powers. (I wouldn’t mind if he JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE Legolas.)

  4. OH, A GHOST FOR SURE!! How tragic and romantic is that? He would be forever mine, and yet no one else could see him. His existence would be a secret only for the two of us to share. No one could take him away from me, only he would be able to severe the bond between us. He could visit me whenever he wished to, and his supernatural powers could save the both of us from any harm whatsoever. But he would never be able to hold me, and nor I him. We would be forever separated by the supernatural veil beyond.

  5. I chose a demon. Wouldn’t it be kinda weird to date a unicorn? I mean, it’s just a magical horse with a horn. To each his own, I guess.

  6. Vampire because they are literally the least dangerous on that list except for shapeshifter or other :S

    (original myths: all supernatural creatures love to kill, eat, maim, horribly traumatize (take that as you will) and otherwise cause mischief around the weakness that is a human)

  7. This was hard… I chose shapeshifter because that would be the least fought with complications and tragedy, but in reality, if I fell in love with a ghost or a mermaid or griffin or whatever, then I wouldn’t be getting a say in that.

  8. ELF!!!! I mean who doesn’t want a Legolas or Thranduil of their own.
    Although I do wish frost giant was on the list, #Loki all the way!

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