Do you use your friends as characters in your books/stories?

20 thoughts on “Do you use your friends as characters in your books/stories?

  1. I don’t put my friends in my books, because it feels a bit off to me to take a story and mush real life into it rather than letting it have its own world entirely. I suppose that, as more of a fantasy-style writer, reality is sort of a banned topic for me. I always find a way to bend the world and create a new universe for my characters, and even if it is realistic and set in our world as we know it, I keep people, from friends of mine to celebrities and occasionally all the way to historical figures, out of it. That isn’t to say, however, that I don’t write character based on friends. My friends inspire my characters on occasion, influencing their personalities or quirks, but the characters still maintain individuality in most areas. After all, if I was writing about them, I would write an autobiography!

    • I am currently using my friends in the book that I am writing. But, the characters aren’t my friends with different names, they are starting, with a personality similar to my friends, and as the story continues, they become their own unique persons and people that I have created. It’s just like when you use yourself in a book. Like if you start of writing a book about yourself where you are the main character, or in my case, I am Kara, eventually the story becomes about Kara, not about me, Karina. Kara becomes her own person once she’s lost in that story. So yes, I do use my friends in the stories I write, but soon they become whatever they want to be.

  2. I personally do not use my friends for characters in my story because I like to use writing as an escape. I escape into another reality where they don’t exist and where I can live a life I’m too afraid to live outside of my bedroom walls. I could write about sky-diving, sneaking out late, or even just getting a pet puppy and I just feel like if they were to live that kind of life then that’s what they’d be doing. My friends and I just don’t fit into the story.

  3. I do this, too! In fact, a short story series I’m writing is made of a cast of my friends and I. I mostly did it because I wanted to write stories we could all laugh about and be silly in.

  4. I tend not to put my friends in my stories unless they ask me to, and even then I sometimes don’t. The reason is that sometimes the plot can’t fit their personality into it, and what the plot does to them might hurt their feelings. I prefer to form characters that fit the time period and leave my friends to be characters in my own real-life story!

  5. Originally, my characters will be their own but as they grow and develop, I find the mirroring personalities of the people I have in my life. It’s not intentional. It just seems to occur in my stories. While my side characters mirror my friends, my main characters always seem to reflect myself… Personalities really creep through without you truly noticing it for a while.

  6. I don’t do it all the time but I have taken the personality of some of my friends and infused them into my characters. I never do it for major characters because then I would feel confined to the actions my friends would do and would be restricted to use my own imagination and create someone the world has never known.

  7. Sometimes I might model a character’s behavioral patterns after someone I know, but rarely do I use their name with it.

  8. I do when I’m inspired. I don’t use their names, but some of their personality traits and quirks. I let them know and ask them if they mind. It’s not very often, though, when I do use my friends in stories.

  9. I take parts of one and weave it into the other parts of another friend and so on until I have a character that reminds me in a good way of all my friends. Sometimes the blend turns the character into a girl, sometimes a guy…but the the character I come up with always seems to blend into the story very, very well.

  10. The characters of one book I have are all based around real-life people whether it be family or friends. Of course, I’ve asked for their permission first! I think it allows me to connect more with the book, and give more, I guess, feeling into it.

    • Yes! I agree with you! it’s what I do. I use my experience to help enhance my writing. It gives me more of an emotional connection to my work.

  11. I am currently riding a story based on my life and am including my friends and family in it! I have changed the names of course though!You can relate to your characters more!

  12. On my sophomore year, I started this story about kids like the ones in my class. I created a character for almost everybody in my classroom. Everyone loved it. I think it’s not a bad thing to do, we just have to avoid putting their secrets out there through our stories.

  13. I do! I just change their names. It’s just really cool letting my friends read my stories and be like “Is that me?” It’s just great.

  14. I don’t use people I know as models for characters. If I use a name of a person I know, I usually don’t realise it until after I wrote it. But the personality, looks behavior and all of that is never anywhere near the same.

  15. I don’t do it, but my friend does. And in her book, the character based off of me is a ghost sorcerer with a pet wolf named Jon (after Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.)

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