What is your dream job?

28 thoughts on “What is your dream job?

  1. No surprise that author is winning! Personally I’d like to be a web designer, but being a writer is a great aspiration. Maybe some day I’ll actually finish something. 😉


  3. I put other. Its not surprising that writer was the highest response but in all honesty I want to be a farmer. Always have, always will. Writing is a hobby but I don’t want to rely on it to bring in the dough.

    • I agree, I want nothing more than to own a large ranch and become self sufficient instead of relying on store bought goods. But, I must say I chose Chocolatier because I seen what they do and I love baking/chocolate.

  4. i did other because i don’t know what i want to do yet but i know that i want it to be something that gets me out of bed every morning (the kind of job i actually look forward to doing). i just don’t know what that is yet.

  5. Well I chose author/writer reasons you may ask I love reading and writing stories, of course I will have a back up job if this isn’t working my second dream job is to be an Doctor but I have always wanted to be a teacher and an author.

  6. Author I want to be able to get out of bed and just daydream then write then make money. I know that its probably not that easy but still, it sounds like fun.

  7. I also chose “other” because writing is not really a dream job for me. Writing is like expressing my frustrations, expressing myself using my pen and my notebook, because people have different ways in having inspiration to write. When i am frustrated at something or really sad, the ideas boost. it’s like when I am frustrated at work or at home I get ideas on a new story.

  8. I chose other, and typed in ‘Councilor/Therapist’ I do very much love to write. Yet I also love to help people. Most others say I am easy to talk to, and I like listening. I’m also known for being trustworthy and can keep things to myself when I see the need or am told to.

  9. Author/writer, of course. I really doubt it’ll happen… but I can try. If I don’t end up as an author, I’ll probably be either a psychologist or teacher.

  10. I’m only 16 but I want to be a Game programmer and have one of the games that I work on from the very beginning get into the E3 Convention and I want to be able to help present it (even though I stink at public speaking) so that I can go to the convention.

  11. I have wanted to be an artist ever since I started drawing. However, reality has made me realize the difficulty in achieving that goal. Though I suppose that all jobs are difficult nowadays.

  12. i want to be a kindergarden teacher, an author, a wildlife scientist, a website disigher, or a cuocake shop owner. i will have a hard time diciding when i grow up.

  13. I’ve always love cooking, but I really suck at it. But I’m always told “It’s the thought that counts!” lulz

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