What music do you listen to when you write?

41 thoughts on “What music do you listen to when you write?

  1. I mostly listen to bands like bmth or sws but when i listen to hipster irrational I listen too Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club

  2. I love Gospel and I’m glad it’s up there because not a lot of people in this world listen to that kind of music.

  3. I mostly listen to nothing, but in some cases I love to listen to five finger death punch, all that remains, the killers, and passion pit, and that’s about all. All that agree that pop music stinks, when writing, comment on my profile!!! (^-^)

  4. I always listen to my favorite songs, so stuff like country, pop, rock, alternative. It’s probably not the best idea, but it works for me.

  5. I generally listen to anything that doesn’t have any lyrics that will distract me from the words I have in my head. Usually movie soundtracks help me get into the zone the best.

  6. I usually listen to songs by Queen because I just love their music! I also listen to this one song that both me & my friends like called ‘Wake me up when September ends’ By Green Day. =)

  7. Come on, what about punk music? (well, punk-rock & pop-punk mostly). Nothing’s more inspiring than old school My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, or Against Me!, bands like that. Although, rock in general is my favorite. The Dead Weather is pretty inspiring… but also distracting because they’re so fantastic.

  8. Depends on the type of story. If I’m writing a sad one, I listen to sad music like SWS. But if I’m writing a book like TMI (just a example) I’ll listen to the latest hits and stuff

  9. No one mentioned Two Steps from Hell? I’m surprised. That music is amazing for speculative fiction, especially fantasy. TSFH, Audiomachine, Immediate…


  10. It’s actually funny but I prefer or rather enjoy listening rap music. The word play in those songs are admirable. It really helps me in writing.

  11. I usually listen to alternative rock, or some Christian music. I totally block out the world and just write and read. Also what is really cool is that I usually would write about the things I usually hear In music.

  12. KPOP, bruh! My music taste is SO diverse… I am obsessed with KPop and I also love opera, classical, jazz, metal and “punk/screamo/punk-pop.” πŸ˜› I get made fun of for liking Asians, but oh well. Anybody else into KPOP??? Ehh?

  13. To me, it’s hard to understand how someone can concentrate with music running between their creative thoughts. Maybe it’s because I’m someone who takes one thing at a time. If I write, that’s all I do. If I listen to music, I want to focus on the music. The only time I do listen to music while doing something else is when I’m hanging up my laundry or cleaning my room or other tedious work. But never writing. I get really, really distracted if I listen to music and write.

  14. I prefer instrumentals, but generally unobtrusive (sometimes foreign language) lyrics are also acceptable. I hear about people making huge long playlists of songs to listen to that remind them of their characters and situations, but I’m not that good at music, I need my playlists pre-made. I do try to pick them according to the mood and characters of the scene I’m writing, though. Pandora is OK if you have a genre or whatever in mind, but the best for work is Stereomood. It says, “I feel…” and you just put in the mood or activity you want the music to reflect, and it generates a playlist for you. The songs have a certain consistency with each other that I like; even the more upbeat/energetic/loud songs have a sort of ‘chillness’ to them that makes them conducive to work.

  15. Listening to music can be distracting for me, but it’s better than being distracted by my grandma’s TV at mach tenβ€”plus it doesn’t help that we like the same shows, so I’ll more than likely just end up watching it from my computer desk. The mood of the song doesn’t really matter to me, as it’s just there fill the silence, and so I won’t be distracted by the TV.

    Music to listen to while writing: just about anything that I won’t skip, whether it be heavy metal or even classical in a music box rendition. Of course there are always a few factors that helps me choose which song to put in the writing playlist:

    I like the song. Duh. If I’m currently obsessed with the song, I’ll listen to it over and over for hours despite it breaking any of the factors below.

    The lyrics are in a language I won’t understand. The words will then be just another instrument instead of actually saying something, so I won’t be sitting there thinking, how does this song go?

    The voices are treated as another set of instruments such as in many new age songs.

    The lyrics are ridiculously repetitive. I know the chorus, and sometimes the bridge is repeated, maybe even some of the other verses, but I mean that the song is practically one verse sung over and over, such as “The Holograms” by Fol Chen.

    The voice is soft in comparison to the music such as in “Be Me” by Ayria.

    Low key songs with only a little music, but the voice keeps most of the rhythm such as “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega, or “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey.

    If the song is instrumental, or classical, it has to be able to keep me awake. It can’t be soft. Much of Mushi-Shi’s soundtrack is good, but I also like Emilie Autumn’s classical pieces. Trans Siberian Orchestra is also good for me, and so is Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

    Songs I know the most or all of the lyrics to. This is so I can hum along as I write, and so I won’t get distracted to look up the lyrics.

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