July Writing Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of the July Writing Challenge!


Each user was asked to create a character who was a villain to both their protagonist AND their antagonist. Check out the stories below and encourage your favorites to continue past the word limit!

Thank you all for entering! Check out the winners below and leave them your feedback!

  1. Machina by Scorpio Ryder
  2. As Sky Lay Dying by Joni Marie Girod
  3. Mares by P.J. Buck
  4. Love the Way You Lie by Emma
  5. Crimson Heart by Elizabeth Braelyn
  6. We Run by The Silver Swan
  7. Bully by J.C. Marie
  8. Gifted by Natlie Gaisser
  9. Two Robbers and a Constable by Rayne Lovett
  10. With a Kiss by Shelby Fox

A huge thank you to those of you who entered. We loved reading each and every story. Click to read the rest of the entries here and let us know who your favorites were. Congrats again to the winners!

– The Figment Team

4 thoughts on “July Writing Challenge Winners!

  1. I’ve a question? Are winners decided by which stories the judges liked best or by which have the most amount of hearts? Thanks!

  2. Next time there’s a contest on here, let me know, please. I write stories, poetic stories mostly, every day. I have several already.

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